Letting Go

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On the Road with Jesus
Luke 19:28-44

“Letting Go”

The crowd had the expectation of Jesus to usher freedom from Rome but Jesus was ushering the freedom from sin. They were looking for the immediate and he wanted to give them the eternal.

We often want our lives to be a success story but God often wants to create our lives into an adventure story. Like the disciples sometimes we must start letting go of our expectations and start trusting Jesus.

Theme: For us to follow Jesus with earnest we must learn to let go.

1. We must learn to let go of our control

2. We must also learn to let go of our expectations

For us to follow the King with earnest, we must learn to let go of the control and expectations of our life and grab hold onto His.

On the earthly scheme of things if we follow Christ I can’t guarantee that everything will work out alright on this side of the Kingdom. I can’t guarantee that our health, finances, family or our dreams will work out the way we want them too. I can’t.

But from an eternal perspective if we follow Christ, God promises to be with us forever. It is about the long haul. As we grab hold of him. His love, mercy and comfort will surround us for eternity.

Life with God is an assorted collection of small leaps of trust.

What do you need to let go of?

What do you need to let go of to more fully follow Jesus?