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Adopt A Family

The Adopt a Family program is a Christmas tradition at St. Andrew’s. It is designed to reach impoverished families referred to us by various St. Andrew’s contacts throughout the community. Each year, the program matches families with those who are willing to provide financial support and/or donate items requested by the referred families and ministries. For more information, please contact Kristin Enger at or (520) 331-7174.

Agape Village Foundation

The Agape Village Foundation started building an orphanage in Zambia, Africa in 2010, and has grown to accommodate almost 70 children. The Agape Orphanage has a staff that works each day to care for the children, tutor them with their studies and help work the garden, orchard and farm. Seventy-five percent of all food consumed by the children is grown at the orphanage.

In 2018 Agape School located next to the orphanage was planned, built and paid for in order to offer the children a better education. Agape School opened in January 2019 with eight classrooms that will accommodate 160 students. There are new student and teacher desks in every classroom, projectors, whiteboards, bulletin boards and security cameras in the halls, AND God’s miracle is eight miles from the closest city.

Mickey and Jackie Bailey
Agape Village Foundation
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
St. Andrew’s Contact: Elva Wilson

Alliance for Children Everywhere

ACE supports and enriches orphans and vulnerable children in Lusaka, Zambia, through the crisis nursery (House of Moses), the toddler home (Bill and Betty Bryant Nursery), the Faith Works Elementary Schools (grades 1-6), and the Helen De Vos Christian High School (grades 7-12). The annual spring fundraiser at St. Andrew’s, “Change for Children,” features handmade baskets by Zambian women which are given to each family to collect donations for a specific project. Recently, we’ve provided a heavy-duty washer (2015), school desks (2016), a ramada for the Bill and Betty Bryant Nursery (2017), and running water with flushing toilets (2018). ACE Board members from St. Andrew’s have included Claud Smith, Dave and Ellen Vellenga, and Carmen Morris.

Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)
Contact: Christa Woodard
St. Andrew’s Contact: Carmen Morris

Blessing Bags

The Blessing Bag Ministry is a part of St. Andrew’s Deacon’s ministries which assembles and offers bags of toiletries, snacks, drinks, Bible verses and Resource Guides for distribution to people who are homeless or those in Tucson who are in need. Specific ministries supported with these bags include Gospel Echoes and Tucson Homeless Work Program. For this ministry, toiletries and other items for the bags are donated by the congregation. These items are sorted and assembled during our quarterly Service Worship Sundays or as needed. These bags are available for pickup at both the SW and NE campuses, available to anyone who wishes to distribute them. They may satisfy a physical hunger or thirst, may educate or lead someone to an agency that can help them, and may even lead someone to know Christ as their Savior through the love of a stranger.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Carol Fiore

Bickfords - Isaac and Kirstie


We serve God with CAMA Services and are currently in Quebec, Canada, learning French.In the summer of 2023.We plan to move to the Republic of Guinea in West Africa to join the Guinea Agropastoral Project, which was started by a local pastor.The purpose of the project is to show people the love of God through agricultural development work.We have worked in agriculture for the past 10 years.Isaac grew up in St Andrews.We have three children: Daniel (6 year old boy), Cedar (5 year old girl), and Robin (2 year old boy).Our family mission statement is “helping Guineans experience the Good News by being good news with them.

St. Andrew‘s Contact: Jim Seymour

Capernaum - Young Life Tucson

Young Life Tucson Capernaum serves teens and young adults (ages 14-26) with special needs. Young people with special needs are often marginalized and isolated, resulting in no one encouraging them to walk with Christ or be all God designed them to be. Capernaum uses the model of Christ’s unconditional love to give teens and young adults with special needs the chance to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. They participate in activities that build their self-esteem, challenge their limits, and help them discover their abilities to do new things.

There are a variety of ways to get involved with Tucson Capernaum! We are always looking for passionate people to become leaders, become buddies, join our committee, or join our prayer team. We would love to tell you more about what each of these volunteer opportunities entails. *Qualified for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Working Poor.

Contact: Holly Roden
St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Ricker

Christian Church Ministry in the Middle East

For over ten years, St. Andrew’s has supported a Christian presence in the Middle East by partnering with the Middle East Council of Churches and the Syriac Orthodox Bishopric of Mount Lebanon. Their Good Samaritan Ministry helps refugees and marginalized elderly women and children by providing basic physical, medical, psychosocial, and spiritual support. Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh, a Presbyterian minister and friend of St Andrew’s, served for many years as a regional liaison for the Presbyterian church in the Middle East. Now retired, he still spends four to six months of the year in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

Contact: Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh
St. Andrew’s Contact: Don Parce

Christian Health Services Corps


Christian Health Service Corps is a ministry of Christian doctors, health professionals, and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to healthcare.Each year, they bring compassionate, life-saving health services to hundreds of thousands of families around the world.Their doctors and health professionals are often the only access to care for young families in poor communities.

The Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is dedicated to transforming the health of children and families in their communities.CHSC health professionals save many lives while imparting knowledge that builds community capacity for sustainable change.With respect for human dignity, they work to build community capacity to:

  • Promote a worldview that nurtures and supports spiritual and physical wholeness in families
  • Ensure child survival and normal growth of children
  • Improve health infrastructure and access to functional healthcare services

Dr. Jerry Koleski, a family practice physician, and Elizabeth Koleski, a public health nurse, are

serving at a Mission Hospital in Kapsowar, Kenya, where Jerry is teaching family practice residents and Elizabeth is working in community health.They have served in mission hospitals in Ecuador and Malawi in previous years and a group from St.Andrew’s participated in a short mission trip to Ecuador when they were there in 2005.

Contact: Jerry and Elizabeth Koleski

St. Andrew’s Contact: Marianne Hadden

Community Renewal

The purpose of this ministry is to mobilize the body of Christ by bringing healing, development, and the Good News to the community of Tucson, especially the poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and broken. Acting as a catalyst, communicator, educator, and connector of faith communities in seeking positive transformation for the city of Tucson, they seek to promote a single, collaborative effort in addressing such issues as high-interest pay-day loans, pornography, crime, and poverty by bringing together community leaders and resources with faith communities who want to demonstrate the gospel in action, and then with words.
Director: Randy Reynolds
St. Andrew’s Contact: RuthAnn Smithrud

Cross Street Ministry

The Cross Street Community has been a ministry of Southside Presbyterian Church for over 20 years, providing nutritious hot meals, hot showers, clean clothing, and haircuts at no cost to hundreds of our vulnerable brothers and sisters of the streets. Most importantly this has been a blessed source of kinship for all. These activities are supported by devoted volunteers who come from all walks of life.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Karin Fiore

Eagles Wings of Grace

We Are Dedicated to Hope, Renewal, and Change.

Eagles Wings of Grace is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the vision to empower women in our community.Since 2007, we have been helping women who have experienced devastation transitioning from poverty to long-term economic independence, restoring dignity and hope.

Thanks to the generosity of the Arizona community, our Clothed in Compassion program:

Provides resources to assist in a woman’s economic elevation through a path to training, clothing, and supplementary community assistance.

Provides a cadre of volunteering women who share their life experiences, spiritual guidance, and knowledge, revealing that they are not alone in their situation.

30 volunteers——10 sponsors——6500 lives changed

Volunteer Opportunties:

Eagles Wings is a volunteer-driven organization and needs your assistance with a wide range of tasks and projects.Please call or email us to find out how you can help.

The need for our Clothing Ministry is greater than our capacity due to our shortage of volunteers and financial support.Anything you can do to further our ministry is greatly appreciated!

Contact: 520-906-9915

St. Andrew’s Contact: April Ritchie

FostAdopt Connections


FostAdopt Connections is a new grassroots nonprofit based in Tucson that supports and empowers kinship, foster, and adopted children and the people who care for them by providing mentors and connection to resources and their community.The organization consists of individuals with many years of personal experience as foster and adoptive parents and child welfare workers who want to support families to be successful.They have three programs: Kinship & Foster Family Support, Post Adoption Support, and Group Home Support.

The Kinship and Foster Family Support Program and the Post Adoption Support Program provide guidance and mentorship to families who struggle through the system due to lack of training, resources, support, and guidance.Both programs offer monthly support groups, mentors, and ongoing useful trainings.

FostAdopt Connections’ flagship program is the Group Home Support Program.They work directly with youths living in group homes by providing mentors, job opportunities and organizing special events that provide fun experiences where they can connect with resources and their community.

Volunteer Opportunities: FostAdopt Connections is in need of volunteers who want to work directly with youths living in group homes, volunteers for special events and financial support to cover program costs.

*This organization is eligible for the Foster care tax credit.

Contact: Mea Fajardo

St. Andrew’s Contact: Danielle Oxnam

Fresh Start International


Fresh Start International‘s vision is Where everybody gets a new beginning through implementing sustainable services, support, resources and restorative justice. Their mission is Coordinating services that assist formerly incarcerated individuals with successful re-entry events, programs, skills, and opportunities which promotes equity, autonomy, and empowerment. The purpose of Fresh Start International is to reduce recidivism, restore lives, and reimagine a robust model of restorative justice to formerly incarcerated ex-offenders returning from prison to their family and community. To volunteer, visit

Tax-deductible donations may be mailed to:

Fresh Start International

1830 E.Broadway 124-266

Tucson, AZ 85719

Founder: Dr.Da’Mond T.Holt

St. Andrew‘s Contact: RuthAnn Smithrud

Frontera de Cristo


One of six border ministries of the Presbyterian Church(USA), Frontera de Cristo is centered in Aqua Prieta, Sonora Mexico and Douglas. It partners with Presbyterian Churches along these border communities to achieve goals of providing witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ways to also improve individual economic status while grappling with the issues of illegal immigration. This year their efforts were also focused on reducing drug traffic among the young people in Aqua Prieta by completing the construction and opening of Cafe Justo y Mas. This provides a gathering place for young people to go in the evening versus bars where drug traffic is wide open. In addition they financially support a Street Pastor in the evenings to help guide their youth to their new Cafe Justo y mas. They also became a financial sponsor of expanding their Local Drug intervention program.
Contact: Mark Adams
St. Andrew’s Contact: Dick Grisham

Good News Community Church


Good News Community Church (GNCC) has been the Partner Church of St.Andrew’s since 2013, when it was designated as one of the New Ministries of Faith that Works.GNCC serves the inner city, impoverished and spiritually starved Miracle Manor neighborhood of Tucson, including the homeless, addicted, and hurting people who roam the area, an area that has been overrun by sin and darkness for decades.Many regular attending members are new believers from the community.

St.Andrew’s has assisted GNCC with volunteers in renovating and updating the church building and also volunteers and funding for community outreach projects.We are helping, along with two other large Tucson churches, to provide financial assistance for the Pastor’s salary.Pastor Jeff Markland has stated: “We are called to go into the Harvest Field that is the Miracle Manor neighborhood, to represent Jesus’ love and grace, to bring people in need into a right relationship with Jesus, and to make disciples in the image of Christ.”

Contact: Pastor Jeff Markland


Good News Community Church

701 W.Glenn St., Tucson, AZ 85705

St. Andrew’s Contact: Del Rieschick

Goshen Ministries international

Goshen Ministries is an international ministry based in Tucson which exists to provide homes for orphaned and abandoned children in East Africa, with the goal of enabling them to become “God-honoring adults able to care for themselves and others.” Currently, more than sixty children and five widows are being provided the daily necessities of life, education, and spiritual care. The ministry actually began under Pastor Bigimba Ngabo’s leadership after a 2004 genocide in a refugee camp for Congolese people in Burundi. Pastor Bigimba was granted a refugee status to enter the USA in 2007. Now an American citizen, he continues to lead this ministry. There is a Goshen church in Tucson which serves African refugees here. Americans and Africans are partnering together to effectively help and empower God’s people to live out the Gospel in their communities.
St. Andrew’s Contact: Sharon Lee

Gospel Rescue Mission

Gospel Rescue Mission serves the homeless and needy by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness. All services are provided at no cost to shelter guests due to contributions from members of the community, churches, and foundations. GRM receives no government funding. Specifically, in addition to shelter services (bed, meals, hygiene, and clothing), GRM offers support services such as addiction recovery, mental health assessment and support, counseling, Christian discipleship, life skill classes, academic education, computer literacy, employment support, community church integration, permanent and transitional housing referral, and legal advocacy.

In late Spring 2019, the new H.S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity is expected to open as the new Men’s Shelter. It is the former Holidome consisting of 148,506 sq. ft. purchased by the Lopez Foundation and leased to GRM for 99 years at $1 per year and given to GRM to manage. It is envisioned to be a one-stop-shop for those in need and at this time over 30 organizations are planning to be on-site to provide services to the residents under the management of GRM.

*Qualified for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Working Poor.

Contact: Suzanne Williams
St. Andrew’s Contact: Norm Enger

Habitat for Humanity

Helps low-income families reach their dreams of homeownership, through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials. St. Andrew’s has a group of men who help build Habitat homes almost every Tuesday morning.

Volunteer Opportunities: We’re always looking for more workers. Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old (16 with a parental consent form), and be able to work a six-hour shift on Tuesday mornings.

*Qualified for the Arizona Charitable
Tax Credit Working Poor.
Director: T. Van Hook
St. Andrew’s Contact: Fred Barney

Hearts for the Children - Guatemala

Their purpose is to be led by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel of Christ and to be servants of His ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked, and oppressed children of Guatemala This ministry provides food, clothing, clinic services, regular worship, and Bible studies for children and their parents.

Contact: Tom Allan
St. Andrew’s Contact: Sharon Lee

Interfaith Community Services (ICS)

The mission of ICS is to help Pima County seniors, disabled individuals and people in financial crisis achieve stable, healthy and independent lives through programs and services supported by staff, volunteers, faith communities and the community-at-large. Many of St. Andrew’s members volunteer for ICS. They help deliver mobile meals, staff the food bank and job resource centers, and provide transportation, health advocacy, and emergency financial assistance for people in need. St. Andrew’s also provides financial support and food collections for ICS.

Volunteer opportunities: please check our website.
*Qualified for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Working Poor.
St. Andrew’s Contact: Cindy Lange, 520-742-2494

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF), Graduate and Faculty Ministry (GFM), Jason Caywood, Campus Minister at the University of Arizona

The Graduate and Faculty Ministries is a specialized ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) in the U.S. As an IVCF Campus Minister, Jason focuses specifically on graduate students and faculty. In keeping with the vision of IVCF/GFM, he seeks to work to see graduate students and faculty transformed, the whole UA campus renewed step by step for the good of all and to help graduate students learn how to become spiritually mature and be leaders in their respective fields–so they can make a deep impact in their spheres of influence in the Name of Christ while in school and in the work force. Through the Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF), Jason fosters development of Christian community among students and does the pastoral work of mentoring and encouraging believers. He also seeks to strategically develop relationships with graduate students from all around the world, to establish individual contacts with people of all backgrounds at the UA, and work in cooperation with other Christian campus ministry groups to reach out to the thousands of people at the UA with the Gospel.
Contact: Jason Caywood
St. Andrew’s Contact: Sharon Lee

J17 Ministries - Dave Drum

J17 Ministries is a big idea with very practical local implications. The big idea? Our unity (better word – harmony) in the body of Christ is Jesus’ strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission. Jesus could have prayed anything He wanted to at the most important juncture of human history, right as He headed to the cross. He prayed in John 17 that His followers in every generation and city would be so united in their love for one another and unconditional service to the world that the whole world would come to know Who Jesus is and how much God loves them. J17 Ministries leads or supports practical opportunities to align with Jesus’ heartbeat: for pastors (such as Pastor Prayer Summits, Pastors’ Edge best practices for lead pastors, and cross-cultural training and relationships) and for everyone (Tucson Ministry Alliance, John 17 Weekends, central communication tool for citywide events and trainings). Sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter filled with insights, testimonies, and event opportunities on our website.

Contact: Dave Drum
Facebook: J17 Ministries
St. Andrew’s Contact: Larry Norrid

Jesus to the Needy

Jesus to the Needy leaders, Joe and Averyl Morris, minister to the poor and needy in an impoverished area near Durban, South Africa.

Jesus to the Needy feeds, clothes, and teaches hundreds of students, orphans, abandoned children and adults each week. They provide medical services and minister to AIDS affected families, including a Smart Choices program for youth which promotes abstinence until marriage. They provide school uniforms and sponsor an annual Christmas party for orphans, helping to restore the smiles to little children’s faces. They read Bible stories in Zulu and teach and preach Jesus to the needy, reaching people for Christ, making converts, and discipling people to follow Jesus.
St. Andrew’s Contact: Don Parce

Just Coffee - Café Justo

Farmer-owned cooperative that seeks to faithfully respond to the current Mexico to U.S. labor migration crisis by selling their organic, shade-grown, Fair Trade Certified coffee directly to customers. This business practice allows farmers to stay on their land and keep families together. St. Andrew’s supports Just Coffee by serving only Café Justo at all events and by selling the coffee each Sunday at the coffee cart.
Contact: Adrian Gonzalez
St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Kreamer

Marriage Missions International

Marriage Missions International is a Titus 2 web and email-based ministry that encourages men and women to “Reveal and Reflect the Heart of Christ Within Marriage.” They follow God’s directive to inspire and teach spouses to “Be imitators of God as dearly beloved children and to live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us…” (Ephesians 5:1-2) This ministry was founded in 2001 by a married couple who almost divorced, but through God’s leading they rebuilt their relationship into a great marriage. They now “live, learn, and pass along” to hundreds of thousands of people every year what they continue to learn. The founders say, “God uses ordinary people to help accomplish that, which He could easily do on His own. And yet we are privileged to participate with Him in this extraordinary ministry. As He tells us in the Bible, ‘Apart from Me, you can do nothing.’ We know that to be true!”

Volunteer Opportunities: One of the greatest ongoing needs they have in helping marriages is to have volunteers who can word process (type) quotes they use on their web site from the marriage books they provide. They can also use volunteers who can write articles to help those who are married (or are about to be married). These things can be done from someone’s own home at a time that fits in with their schedule.

Contact: Steve and Cindy Wright
St. Andrew’s Contact: Norm Enger

Montlure Camp

Montlure Presbyterian Church Camp has been in operation since 1926. The Montlure Ministry is for all who want to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ in a Christian camping program of the highest quality. Montlure serves the children, youth, and congregations of the Grand Canyon and de Cristo Presbyteries through a residential camping ministry and traveling day camp. In 2018, Montlure had further success with reaching youth outside of our church communities with the Sunshine Residential Homes and the Prison Fellowship program. While awaiting the restoration of the Presbyterian properties which burned in the White Mountain fire, this program has expanded to both overnight and traveling day camp programs. The traveling day camp programs for children who have completed K- 5th are scheduled to locate to four communities statewide this summer. The overnight camps for youth entering grades 4 – 6th, Middle School and High School students will be located at Wilderness Ranch in Lakeside, AZ, again this year. In a physically and emotionally safe environment, through worship, singing, small group discussions, cabin time, and devotions, these campers encounter God through a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ. St. Andrew’s has continued to support the Montlure Ministry over the years with stewardship, volunteerism, prayer, and work projects assisting preparation for the camping season.

Capital Campaign Phase One Flyer

Contact: Kellie von Borstel, Director

St. Andrew’s Contact: Kristin Enger

More Than A Bed

More Than a Bed (MTaB) is a foster, adoptive, and kinship resource center. We support the families and the children in their homes by providing for practical needs: twin beds, cribs, toddler beds, clothes, toys, shoes, diapers, linens etc. We believe that every child deserves to feel valued, to be safe, and have the opportunity to thrive. MTaB was founded September 2014 by serving five families with toys and clothes. In 2018, we served 720 families (2100 children) and continue to grow at a rate of 30 new families per month.

  • Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.
  • Clothing and toy donations need to be sorted and vetted for cleanliness
  • We need muscle to help load beds into the family vehicle, assemble donated cribs, and various other lifting
  • We host various events throughout the year and need volunteers to help with the running of those events:
    • Parents Night Out – passing out snacks/dinner to the children; hosting games and activities for a particular age group; set-up and tear-down; making decorations
    • Teen Prom Event – Teen girls pick out prom/party dresses, get make-up tips, pick out the perfect pair of shoes and other accessories
    • Christmas Event – This is where the entire family plays games, wins prizes, takes a special photo with Mr. & Mrs. Santa and each child picks out a new toy of their choice

MTaB is a Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organization (QFCO Code 10032) and cannot exist without the kindness and generosity of our wonderful donors and volunteers.
St. Andrew’s Contact: Cindy Lange, 520-742-2494


Since 2006 St. Andrew’s has sent small teams that have joined with others from Pantano Christian Church to build homes in Rocky Point. This ministry has been building homes for impoverished families along the Mexican border for over 30 years. Over 16,000 homes have been built by 300,000 volunteers on mission trips from 7,000 churches.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Kevin Oxnam

Operation Christmas Child - Samaritan's Purse

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes and the good news of God’s love. This unique project of Samaritan’s Purse provides opportunities for people of all ages to be involved in a simple, hands-on mission outreach.
St. Andrew’s Contact: Kimberly Schmidt



The Piecemakers have continued their mission of comfort and support even during the pandemic.Our primary goal is to support the local chapter of Project Linus which gives quilts and blankets to children who are sick, traumatized, or otherwise in need.Some of our other projects include pillowcases for the graduating seniors and mission trips, quilts for the Moonlight Dinner auction, Quilts of Valor for service members of the congregation, and quilts for Peppi’s House.For Service Worship we have made shopping bags for the Amphi Clothing Bank, fabric bookmarks, and tag blankets for newborns being baptized in our church.We work hard on our projects while having much fun sharing our knowledge and support for one another.A Christmas party and summer potluck are always enjoyed.The church provides a wonderful workplace and storage facility for us which is gratefully acknowledged.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Cherie Swanson

Primavera Foundation

Innovative programs and services provide a full range of opportunities to help people transition from poverty to greater well being and security. For almost 40 years St. Andrew’s members have prepared dinner once per month for the men’s shelter.
Contact: Jana Meirint
St. Andrew’s Contact: Anita Degnan

Rise Against Hunger - 30 Hour Famine

Rise Against Hunger, formerly known as Stop Hunger Now, is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030. Every year our Youth Ministry participates in Rise Against Hunger’s Meal Packing Program as part of their 30 Hour Famine event. Rise Against Hunger’s meal packaging program is a volunteer-based initiative that coordinates the assembly-line packaging of highly nutritious dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. The program was created to give dedicated individuals and organizations — from businesses to civic clubs — the opportunity to participate in a hands-on international hunger relief program and to become educated, engaged advocates for the world’s hungry. Every year our Youth Ministry packs 20,000 meals in under two hours, providing meals to people across the world.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Tim Christian

Sandwich Squad

The Sandwich Squad is a St. Andrew’s ministry that provides lunches to the homeless. Approximately 175 individuals or families are organized into groups. Each group makes lunches every eight weeks. Each member makes ten lunches. Some groups make their lunches at home while other groups meet and make the lunches together. This allows us to provide an average of 200 lunches each week. The lunches are delivered to the Gospel Rescue Mission Woman and Children’s Center and their Men’s Center.

New volunteers are always welcome.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Craig Littlefield

Scripture in Use (SIU) - Susie Brown

SIU is an international training organization headquartered in Green Valley, AZ and highly focused on church planting for Oral Cultures. St. Andrew’s Mission Committee supports Susie Brown who is part of SIU’S international training staff out of Green Valley. Her mission is to equip and train indigenous, local and regional partner organizations worldwide to communicate the Scriptures using oral Bible strategies to evangelize and plant churches among the lost, unreached, and unengaged people groups. There are nearly 3.5 billion people in the world who live in oral cultures in which they cannot, or choose not to read. Susie, who works with her husband, Tim Brown, have been associated with St. Andrew’s Mission Committee for many years on a number of other local mission projects.

Scriptures in Use
101 S. La Cañada Suite 49D
Green Valley, AZ 85614
St. Andrew’s Contact: Jim Seymour



Missionaries Adam and Amy spent more than ten years in a Central Asian country as members of TEAM, The Evangelical Alliance Mission.Both are highly trained in linguistics and work with others in developing small reproducing church groups within their local communities.Adam is a former member and volunteer of St.Andrew’s youth groups and its Mission Committee has been one of their financial sponsors from the beginning of their ministry.Adam and Amy are carrying their work out remotely from a different country in the region with hopes to return to their original country of service after a couple of years.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Seymour


TIHAN - Tucson Interfaith HIV / AIDS Network

TIHAN supports and advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as their loved ones. In cooperation with other care providers, they offer their hearts and hands to educate and activate our faith communities to serve with understanding and compassion.

St. Andrew’s participates by providing volunteers to plan and serve at the Poz Café, as well other ways.
Director: Scott Blades
St. Andrew’s Contact: Marianne Hadden

Trinity Bible Institute


TBI trains pastors in English speaking East and Central Africa through an accredited two year Bible College serving poor rural communities.From this main campus teaching occurs at other locations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.The church in Africa is growing very rapidly, having over 600 million members.However, there is a theological famine wherein there is only one pastor for every 450,000 Christians in Africa (as compared to 1:600 in America).TBI is the main work of Trinity Center for World Mission, TCWM, which planted dozens of churches along with schools and an orphanage, but had to turn to Bible training to provide pastors.Now TBI trains students to be pastors and our students plant churches, literally every month.

We create seminaries > Which create pastors > Which create churches > Which create disciples| MISSIONS 20

Most of our students are poor so they attend on scholarships which provide the majority of their expenses although not all.In our one and two year programs pastors and future church leaders are mentored so they can teach the reformed faith accurately, i.e.full of grace.A few top students are sent to full seminary.During the pandemic, TCWM has been able to provide much food to our students and faculty which is all African.TCWM supports a clinic with free medical service for all who come and three radio stations which broadcast the Gospel around East AfricaA second generation of leadership is now leading the mission to establish permanent campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Don Parce

Tucson Refugee Ministry

Tucson Refugee Ministry (TRM) inspires the Church to be an agent of hope and compassion for refugees, equips volunteers through training and resources, and mobilizes Christians to welcome and serve the nations here in Tucson.

TRM connects the Church with refugees, collaborates with refugee agencies and other refugee ministries, and cultivates a cross-cultural relationship with refugees as Jesus loved the foreigner and called us to do the same.
Executive Director: Jennifer Tomkins
St. Andrew’s Contact: Marianne Hadden

World Vision


World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organization.It is currently active in more than 90 countries.Founded in 1950, in the pacific northwest, World Vision provides emergency relief, education, heath care, economic development, and promotion of justice.It works along side organizations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.St.Andrew’s has partnered with World Vision in many ways.Our Youth Ministry participates in the program 30 Hour Famine which while gaining knowledge of global hunger issues, our students fast and participate in service projects around the city.Annually we partner with Team World Vision, where we train to run a half or full marathon while raising money to provide clean water to individuals around the world.Our church was the second church in the world to participate in the Chosen program where we sponsored over 300 children in a village in Guatemala.Our children’s ministry has also raised money for mosquito nets in developing countries to help prevent malaria infections.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Pastor Mat Grover

Wycliffe Bible Translators - Bickford

Albert and Anita Bickford’s responsibilities with Wycliffe Bible translators involve two main areas: 1) training young people who are planning careers in Bible translation and other language-related ministries, and 2) working among the 200+ sign languages used by deaf people around the world. They are assigned to work under SIL International, an international faith-based organization that cooperates very closely with Wycliffe. They teach each summer at SIL’s training school on the campus of the University of North Dakota, where Albert has been the school director since 2004 and Anita heads a course about the sounds in the world’s spoken languages. Albert also serves as part of SIL’s Global Sign Languages Team, where his responsibilities include tracking Bible translation needs in sign languages worldwide, coordinating and training sign language consultants, and developing software for creating sign language dictionaries. Albert and Anita are St. Andrew’s members and active in the choir and orchestra.

Contacts: Albert and Anita Bickford;
St. Andrew’s Contact: Don Parce

Young Adult Volunteers (YAV)

The purpose of the Tucson Borderland YAV Program is to serve God by guiding and nurturing young adults as they explore how God is working in their lives and in the world. Our goal is to offer fulfilling, challenging, faithful opportunities of mission service in the borderlands and growth for the volunteers.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Karin Fiore

Young Life - NW Tucson


Young Life is an organization that brings Scripture to kids.We communicate Who Jesus is and create an environment where they can find community, discipleship, and intentional growth in their walk with Jesus through clubs, Bible studies, and camps.

Today, Young Life is a global organization with local focus.You’ll find Young Life leaders from diverse cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds in over 100 countries around the world.There are currently groups at the following Tucson high schools: Amphi, Canyon del Oro, Ironwood, Mountain View.There is also a Wyldlife group serving middle school youth.

Contact: Nubia Velazco, Director


St. Andrew’s Contact: Jim Seymour

YWAM Greece


Six years ago I did a six month discipleship training school with YWAM.This was the year ISIS obliterated Syria and millions fled to Europe.Part of my practical outreach took place in Lesvos, Greece.I served a refugee camp there providing tents and food for people from all over the Middle East and Africa.During this time, God opened my eyes to the needs of refugees as well as the incredible open door we have into the unreached Muslim world.Over the last six years I have been between Greece and the Middle East serving refugees and training others to reach these nations.More recently I have been living in Thessaloniki, Greece, as part of the leadership team for YWAM Thessaloniki focusing on equipping the Greek church here to reach their own nation and the refugees here.I am training and taking teams frequently into the Middle East to share and serve there as well.Jesus loves the Muslims, He pursues them miraculously and radically.I do my best to do the same!

Contact: Hannah Smith

St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Seymour

YWAM Spain

Ashraf and Naomi Abdou serve with Youth With A Mission in Spain for the North Africa region. Naomi (Bickford) grew up at St. Andrew’s. They are involved in discipleship of new believers from the region, as well as training leaders who are more mature in the faith.

Contact: Ashraf and Naomi Abdou
St. Andrew’s Contact: Rebecca Taber,