Exodus 33:17-23
Rev. Jim Toole
What We Believe


Throughout church history and even today we have different writers, preachers and heroes of the faith that emphasize one aspect of God while often leaving out another. So what happens is our perception of God becomes too narrow or too small. I want us for the next few weeks to look at God from all angles.

Theme: We must realize that God is much larger than the constructs or boxes we often put God into.

Next week we will focus on the personal and compassionate nature of God. But I believe before we fully understand God’s personal nature we have to wrestle with two important truths about God; God is Holy and God is Creator.


God is Holy
Unless we grasp God’s holiness, glory and power we will not experience Grace.


God is Creator
I believe Christians can hold varying scientific theories while maintaining a worldview where the nature of the World was designed by a wonderful, loving creator. Through the Creator’s mere word, everything came into being.


I want to end this sermon today with all of us wrestling with the ultimate question, “Who is my God?”


Who is my God?
Take some time to write 10 adjectives you use to describe God.