The Church

Rev. Jim Toole
What We Believe  


We are in the middle of our sermon series, What I Believe, and today we will be wrestling with the topic of the Church. Let’s be honest - many of us have struggled over the years with what we believe about the Church. Some of us would even say we have become skeptical or even cynical. I am still very passionate about the mission of the Church. I am actually optimistic. Because the challenges and skepticisms we face are forcing us as Christians to go deeper.

Theme: I want us to go deeper and deeper in our faith as individuals but also as a church.

Today, I want to walk us through some parallels of the story of the Church with the story of Nehemiah.

God is stirring
Taking Inventory
Building Together
Feeding the People

Eugene Peterson and Marva Dawn in their book, The Unnecessary Pastor, begins with what they call the Lament of the Death of Depth. They claim we are losing depth in our culture and in our churches.