Sermon Notes
Mark 15:38-39, Revelation 4



Definition of Worship: Worship is the human response to the divine initiative.
Worship is adoration, praise, and thanksgiving directed towards God. Worship must be a priority in our lives. Foster


According to N.T. Wright, worship allows us to get a glimpse of God’s dimension.
Worship is defined as acknowledging the worth of someone. It is celebrating, praising, and recognizing God.


“In worship people of God acknowledge God present in the world and in their lives. As we respond to God’s redemptive action in Christ we are transformed and renewed. Worship equips us for God’s service.” Presbyterian Book of Order


It all begins with worship!


What does it look like for you to authentically worship God?





What does it look like for you to authentically worship God? It will look different for
different folks.


Examples to experiment with:

1. Watch the sunset and compliment Him for it.

2. Write a friend a note, thanking God for them.

3. Sit still and be silent.

4. Do nothing for a whole day.

5. Feed someone who is poor; this is real worship.

6. Do the best you can at whatever you are doing today.

7. Honor God in your thought life.

8. Paint a painting; this is worship.

9. Write a song and share it with someone else.

10. Do what you love and know that this can be worship.

11. Watch nature; it is worshiping its Creator by doing what it is designed to do.

12. Listen, don’t talk.

13. Write about ways to worship God when you are NOT at church.