Our Kindergarten is a three-quarter day program (8:30-2:00). It is geared to prepare children to confidently attend 1st grade the following year. Our curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the State of AZ in the College & Career Readiness Standards. Children are given language experiences in both phonics and whole language to help them develop reading skills. Those who are reading already will be given opportunities to further develop their skills. Beginning writing skills are developed through both personal and group activities, using the D’Nealian style of printing. We use Saxon Math to provide a concrete, hands-on way for children to understand math skills, concepts, and place value. Science and social studies experiences will be integrated throughout the curriculum. In addition to the STEAM, Music/Movement, and Spanish classes, the kinder students have 4 special classes/year in art and physical education. These classes are facilitated by guest teachers who are lending their expertise to our students, exposing them to more opportunities for critical thinking and deeper understandings/experiences in these areas. Each kinder classroom is equipped with multiple computers and internet access, as well as iPads, for additional reinforcement of lessons. The small Kindergarten classes allow teachers to devote individual time to each child.

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Thinking About Kindergarten?

Read below to see what St. Andrew’s Kinder parents are saying…

“Our son started at St. Andrew’s when he was just two. When it came time to make a choice about kindergarten, there wasn’t a choice for us! Public school seemed so big and impersonal for our little boy. The level of personalized attention he has received was exactly what we were looking for, and what we knew we would get at St. A’s. All of the teachers, from the classroom teachers to the assistants to music and Spanish and even the lunch ladies, truly love and care about our son. Every day, he amazes us with what he has learned, and is always so excited to share with us. The day he came home and counted to ten in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, AND Japanese … we were floored and so proud! And the night he literally dragged us by the hand outside after dinner so he could show us the Big Dipper was priceless. When was the last time you really looked at the stars? Looking at them through the eyes of a 5- year-old boy is like seeing them for the first time. St. A’s has our son absolutely thirsting for knowledge.

But more than just academics, St. Andrew’s is teaching our son to be a kind, compassionate, spiritual person. The teachers and the curriculum truly nourish the mind and the soul, and it has been an incredible experience to have him help us grow in our own faith. We have loved making Mrs. Brito and Mrs. Evers a part of our family, and you will too! There will come a time that you won’t believe you ever considered another choice, because St. Andrew’s will just feel like home.”

— Sara & Josh Wright

“I would love to share our experience at St. Andrew’s Kindergarten. Our family has had a wonderful experience at St. Andrew’s. Our daughter has learned so much, academically, spiritually, and developmentally this year in Kindergarten. In her classroom there are two fulltime teachers, who clearly love their jobs and the children. Academically we found it to be just the right balance of challenge and fun. Our daughter was excited to go to school each day. I love the “small town” atmosphere at the school as well. We have met many amazing families and some lifelong friends here. We believe that kindergarten is one of the most important years in our child’s school career. We are confident that with the base that she has been given here she will do better overall in her upcoming years. Thank you to all the teachers and staff at St. Andrew’s!”

— The Kearns Family

“Dear Curious Parents and Guardians of Pre-Kindergarteners,

Jan Olafson has asked me to write about why I chose St. Andrew’s for my child’s kindergarten class and our experiences there this year. I am quite happy to share! I was in your shoes just a year ago and remember how daunting and overwhelming it seemed to pick a school that would launch my first child into her formal education.

As a junior high public school teacher, I wanted her to get excited about learning and enjoy those first school day experiences. We have heard nothing but positive things about our local public school from neighbors and know that there are tons of charter and private school options, as well as open enrollment into most public schools. So, we began to research online and talk to families about their experiences. We went to our local school’s “meet the kindergarten” event, and although it went well and we liked the teachers and administrators, I was most concerned with the class sizes (30+ kids in each kindergarten, with one full-time teacher and an aide who rotates through all of the classes), as well as the new implementation of the Common Core Standards. I know how huge of a transition a change of standards is in a classroom and how difficult it is to get to know your students well and meet their individual needs when you have a big class to teach!

Next, I visited St. Andrew’s and got to observe the kindergarten classes in action. I was so amazed by my visit. The small class sizes and having two full-time teachers in each class all day is wonderful! Every moment of the day is filled with learning, but in a motivating, fun way. Not only do the teachers focus on teaching the new Common Core standards, they also spend their time teaching the kids how to be good citizens and learn and practice important character traits. The classrooms are filled with engaging centers and student projects cover the walls (not any “busy work”). I think by keeping the class sizes down and having a 3/4 day, the teachers have a great work/life balance and get to know each student so well. They strive to meet each kid’s learning needs. My child loves school and will be more than prepared for first grade next year.”

— Ashley Odom

“We began school for our child at St. Andrew’s with their preschool and just fell in love with their program and the great teachers they have on staff. After preschool was over for our first born we sent him to a public school for kindergarten, and we were all unhappy with the detachment they had towards the kids. That brought us back to St. Andrews to complete his kinder education. We could see such a difference with our son’s happiness and educational progress, all because the staff shows that individual care toward each child and their education. The whole school is so welcoming, and they are truly there for every child, showing a deep concern for their educations. I recommend St. Andrew’s to everyone I know. Every parent that I speak with that has had or still has a child attending St. Andrew’s Preschool and Kindergarten just love this school. We all wish that it continued through High School. Thanks so much, St. Andrew’s, for giving our children a great start to their education.”

— April Young

“Our family has been a part of St. Andrew’s Preschool and Kindergarten for four years. There are too many blessings to list regarding our time here. If I had to choose, the top three would be the staff, the families and the ministries.

In my humble opinion, there are no better teachers and support staff anywhere else! My boys love going to school and I have seen much growth in their learning. Teachers are great!

Our family has made many wonderful friends from school, and I know it will be a lasting friendship. There are many opportunities to connect with other families for fun activities throughout the year.

As a mom, the most impactful part of sending my children to St. Andrew’s Preschool and Kindergarten has to be the Christian values encouraged in the classroom. Honesty, compassion, integrity, patience, love…these are so important in developing an excellent student for life.

For me personally, the Making Our Mom’s Significant (MOMS) group ministry has been a tremendous blessing. I can’t say enough good things about being a part of these wonderful women of faith. I love it so much that I plan on continuing with the group even after my last son has graduated from Kindergarten.

Thank you, St. Andrew’s Staff and Families for four incredible years!”

— Kathy Calhoun

“My daughter has had an amazing experience in Kindergarten at St. Andrew’s. She started a few months late (we tried homeschooling…which did not work out). Being off to a late start, she was quite a bit behind the other students. Her teachers have worked very hard with her, spending one-on-one time with her and allowing volunteers to do special activities with her. Her progress has been so incredible. I am amazed every day at how she is picking things up, which I know is a direct result of the teachers and the teaching at St. Andrew’s.

There are so many great things about going to Kindergarten at St. Andrew’s. Obviously, one is the small class size with a teacher and assistant teacher. A huge factor for us is that God is brought into the midst, learning about Him and His Son. Too, having teachers that love God themselves is so important… knowing that my daughter, my gift that is so precious to me, is being well taken care of by people who love God. For her to see that love modeled and to experience it is more important to me than her ABC’s and 123’s. But, in fact she IS getting all of that at St. Andrew’s. They are growing kids both in character and knowledge.

Lastly, I appreciate the shorter school days. I think in that all the developmental aspects of a 5 year old, this amount of time is just right.

As a parent, I know how hard it is to know what is the best choice for schooling for our children. I know, too, that what is a perfect fit for one child and family does not mean it is a perfect fit for another. I pray God will make it clear to you and give you peace about the schooling you choose for your child. I thank Him that He gave us St. Andrew’s for my daughter’s Kindergarten year.”

— Laura Moore and family