Our Kindergarten is a three-quarter day program (8:30-2:00). It is geared to prepare children to confidently attend 1st grade the following year. Our curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the State of AZ in the College & Career Readiness Standards. Children are given language experiences in both phonics and whole language to help them develop reading skills. Those who are reading already will be given opportunities to further develop their skills. Beginning writing skills are developed through both personal and group activities, using the D’Nealian style of printing. We use Saxon Math to provide a concrete, hands-on way for children to understand math skills, concepts, and place value. Science and social studies experiences will be integrated throughout the curriculum. In addition to the STEAM, Music/Movement, and Spanish classes, the kinder students have 4 special classes/year in art and physical education. These classes are facilitated by guest teachers who are lending their expertise to our students, exposing them to more opportunities for critical thinking and deeper understandings/experiences in these areas. Each kinder classroom is equipped with multiple computers and internet access, as well as iPads, for additional reinforcement of lessons. The small Kindergarten classes allow teachers to devote individual time to each child.

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