Lisa Skillman loves working out and helping people. She combined two of her favorite things to do, and now her ministry, All Your Heart Fitness, blesses the community. Lisa has 100 people around her whom she calls, “a great tribe of people who are so giving and who always want to reach out and help people.”

She tells the story of a recent gently used tennis shoe collection for children in need at TUSD. Her ministry blessed them with two boxes of great shoes which were gone in 45 minutes. She heard that one of the little boys asked for a pair of shoes for his father because he was starting a new job.

When Lisa does an “ask” from her friends, she tries to focus on items that her own son or daughter would want to wear, so she encourages good quality. All Your Heart Fitness is currently collecting socks and underwear for those TUSD children who come to school without.

All Your Heart Fitness has collected many different items and consider blessing the community “a present in itself.” Lisa loves seeing the way God works through others helping others and says that “God expects us all to do what we can, and