Mission Partners

Adopt a Family

The Adopt-a-Family program is a Christmas tradition at St. Andrew's which has evolved into short-term guidance to help the families overcome poverty. Each year, the program matches church volunteers willing to provide financial support and/or donate items to needy families and teens referred by various local organizations.

Phone: 520-297-720

St. Andrew's Contact: Barbara Lounsbury



Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE)

This ministry is empowered by the Presbyterian Church Outreach Foundation to give local congregations the opportunity to participate in “Change for Children.” Families are given hand-made baskets to collect change, which is then used to support ministries in Zambia. Our most recent campaign raised over $6500 to purchase a commercial washer and laundry supplies for The House of Moses, a crisis nursery in Lusaka.

Web: www.childreneverywhere.org
Contact: Virginia "Jenny" Woods
St. Andrew’s Contact: Kurt Schmidt, kschmidt@dakotacom.net


Blessing Bags

The Blessing Bag Ministry is a part of St. Andrew’s Deacon’s ministries which assembles and offers bags of toiletries, snacks, drinks, Bible verses and Resource Guides for distribution to people who are homeless or those in Tucson who are in need.

For this ministry, toiletries and other items for the bags are donated from the congregation.  These items are sorted and assembled during our quarterly Service Worship Sundays or as needed.  These bags are available for pickup at both the SW and NE campuses, and the hope is that they will be distributed and will be a blessing in some way to those who receive them.  They may satisfy a physical hunger or thirst, may educate or lead someone to an agency that can help them in some way or may even lead them to know Christ as their Savior through the love of a stranger.

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Susie Oxnam, susieox@gmail.com  

Capernaum- Young Life Tucson

Young Life Tucson Capernaum serves teens and young adults (ages 14-26) with special needs.  Young people with special needs are often marginalized and isolated; resulting in no one encouraging them to walk with Christ or be all God designed them to be.  Capernaum uses the model of Christ’s unconditional love to give teens and young adults with special needs the chance to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, while participating in activities that build their self-esteem, challenge their limits, and help them discover their abilities to do new things.

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Cindy Shoemaker, 1missionscls@gmail.com

Center for Mission Studies in Lebanon

Nuhad Tomeh currently serves as associate general secretary in charge of the Iraq relief and rehabilitation, which is part of the ecumenical relief services of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC). He is also the regional liaison of the PC (USA) for Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the Gulf.

Contact: Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh    Email: ntomeh@cyberia.net.lb

St. Andrew’s Contact: Doug Jewell, dgjewl@gmail.com

Community Renewal

Their purpose is to mobilize the body of Christ to bring healing, development, and the Good News to the community of Tucson, especially the poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and broken. Acting as a catalyst, communicator, educator, and connector of faith communities in seeking positive transformation for the city of Tucson, they seek to promote a single, collaborative effort in addressing such issues as high interest pay-day loans, pornography, crime, and poverty by bringing together community leaders and resources with faith communities who want to demonstrate the gospel in action, and then with words.

Director: Randy Reynolds

Email: communityrenewal@gmail.com

St. Andrew’s Contact: RuthAnn Smithrud, rsmithrud@sapctucson.org






Cross Street Ministries

Cross Street Ministries is an outreach ministry provided by Southside Presbyterian Church.  This program reaches out to the poor and homeless in South Tucson and provides meals, laundry services, haircuts and showers to 140-300 of our brothers and sisters each week.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Les Henson, leshenson7@gmail.com


Deaf Leadership Ministries

Robert & Karen Rhoads are deaf missionaries at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet is the only deaf university in the world. Robert and Karen have a passion for working with deaf students and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ one by one, in addition to the many group activities they sponsor on campus.

Web: www.rhoadsrock.ministryhome.org    

Email: RoberERhoads@gmail.com

St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Kreamer, sandrakreamer@gmail.com


Eagles Wings of Grace

Our mission as a Christian organization is to promote economic independence and to help women thrive in their family, workplace, community and church.  They provide career development tools, a network of support and professional attire for the purpose of restoring dignity and hope.

Executive Director:  Cynthia Palmer

Web:  www.eagleswingsofgrace.com

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Cindy Shoemaker, 1missionscls@gmail.com


First Church of God- Serving Dinner

Our mission is to partner with First Church of God in their Tuesday, Thursday, 3:30-5:30, feeding outreach to the surrounding community.

St. Andrew’s members provide support in serving food, cleaning tables, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Craig Littlefield, craig.littlefield@comcast.net 


Frontera de Cristo

One of six border ministries of the PC (USA), FDC is centered in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico and Douglas, AZ. Frontera de Cristo shares the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed through six areas of ministry: new church development, health ministry, family ministry, mission education, New Hope Community, and the Just Trade Center.

Web: www.fronteradecristo.org

Contact: Mark Adams

St. Andrew's Contact: Barbara Lounsbury, barbara.lounsbury@gmail.com


Global Media Outreach (GMO)

GMO’s vision is to give everyone on Earth many opportunities to know Jesus and for millions to accept Christ and grow in faith. They do this by making it easy for seekers on the internet anywhere in the world to link to their site where they will be connected with an on-line volunteer mission worker who speaks the seeker’s language and who holds a continuing conversation with the searcher about his or her questions about Christ and what it means to follow Him.

Web: www.globalmediaoutreach.com 

Contacts: Aaron and Jessie Bloss   

St. Andrew’s Contact: Harry Newlon, hwnanaz@gmail.com


Good News Club – Child Evangelism Fellowship

Join a group of those eager to start a “Good News” club in a nearby elementary school.         Contact:  Jon Habegger, pimacef@gmail.com

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Elva Wilson, ebar4209@comcast.net  


Goshen Ministries
 Goshen Ministries is an international ministry (http://www.goshenministriesinternational.org) based in Tucson, AZ which exists to bring "Hope to All Peoples." We focus our work in Burundi, Africa by running two orphanages with more than 50 children being housed, fed, educated and loved in the Name of Christ. There are also several vibrant Goshen churches in the capital city of Bujumbura, in the surrounding countryside and in the Ngozi refugee camp. There is a Goshen church in Tucson, AZ which serves African refugees who come to live in Tucson. Americans and Africans are partnering in this ministry to effectively help and empower God's people in Burundi, Africa to know the Gospel, to train Africans in knowledge of the Scriptures and to lead the way in improving daily life in their own community. We seek to wisely and strategically bring resources of funds and talents to our African partners as they serve their own people to bring them the hope of the Gospel.

St. Andrew’s Contact:  RuthAnn Smithrud, rsmithrud@sapctucson.org



Gospel Rescue Mission

The Gospel Rescue Mission brings God’s love to the least, the last, and the lost. Through the power of Jesus Christ, they serve the homeless and needy by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness.

Web: www.grmtucson.com

St. Andrew’s Contact: Elva Wilson, ebar4209@comcast.net


Habitat for Humanity

Helps low-income families reach their dreams of home ownership, through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials. St. Andrew’s has a group of men who help build Habitat homes almost every Tuesday morning.

Web: www.habitattucson.org

Director: T. Van Hook

St. Andrew’s Contact: Fred Barney,



Haven Totes, Inc.

Haven Totes, Totes for Kids, is a Christian community outreach ministry.  Through its partnership with Haven Totes, Inc., Christian congregations assist low-income school children and their families by providing weekend food totes and family food boxes during holidays and the summer.  Christ is our example when seeking to meet the needs of others.  Haven Totes, Totes for Seniors, provide hygiene supplies, nutritious snacks, and devotionals, etc. to seniors in need.  This program encourages companionship along with supplies.                           

 Web:  www.haventotes.org

St. Andrew’s Contact:  RuthAnn Smithrud, rsmithrud@sapctucson.org



Hearts for the Children – Guatemala

Their purpose is to be led by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel of Christ and to be servants of His ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked, and oppressed children of Guatemala, by providing food, clothing, clinic services, and regular worship and Bible studies for children and their parents.

Web: www.heartsforthechildren.org    Contact: Tom Allan

St. Andrew’s Contact: Elva Wilson, ebar4209@comcast.net


Higher Ground

Higher Ground youth center has partnered with TUSD to provide an amazing after-school program to children and youth, grades K-8. It includes academic tutoring, dance, art/theater, boxing/martial arts, and sports. It is currently being held at Wakefield Middle School, with expansion planned to other schools on the south side. The program runs Monday through Friday, 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Web:  www.higherground.me

St. Andrews Contact: Sandra Kreamer, sandrakreamer@gmail.com


Interfaith Community Services

Interfaith Community Services Mission is "to help Pima County seniors, individuals with disabilities and people in financial crisis achieve stable and independent lives through programs and services supported by staff, diverse faith communities and the community at large." 

Interfaith Community Services Vision for those they serve is:

  • Seniors and disabled individuals will have transportation, meals, and caregiving services available to them so they can remain independent in their homes.
  • People in financial crisis will have a compassionate place to turn for vital services that help stabilize their housing, employment, food and health care situations.
  • Seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people in financial crisis may gain access to personal resources, social support, and information to make informed decisions.

Web: www.icstucson.org
St. Andrew’s Contact:  Barbara Lounsbury

 International Christian Cycling

The International Christian Cycling Club is a non-denominational group, founded in 1986, with the mission goal of combining the passion for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior with the passion of cycling. IC3 is truly international, with spokes (chapters) in many countries. The Tucson Spoke is active locally and involved in sharing Christian faith through local and statewide cycling events and mission-related projects, and regularly-scheduled group bike rides.

Contact: Todd Huff rhh@huffrealty.com

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Doug Jewell, dgjewl@gmail.com



Just Coffee

Farmer-owned cooperative that seeks to faithfully respond to the current Mexico to U.S. labor migration crisis by selling their organic, shade-grown, Fair Trade Certified coffee directly to customers. This business practice allows farmers to stay on their land and keep families together. St. Andrew’s supports Just Coffee by serving café justo at all events and by selling the coffee each Sunday at the coffee cart.

Web: www.justcoffee.org

Contact: Adrian Gonzalez

St. Andrew's Contact: Sandy Kreamer, sandrakreamer@gmail.com


Jason Caywood, IVCF Graduate and Faculty Ministry (GFM) staff worker at the University of Arizona:
 The Graduate and Faculty Ministries (
http://gfm.intervarsity.org) is a specialized ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) in the U.S. As an IVCF staff worker I focus specifically on Graduate Students and Faculty members. In keeping with the vision of IVCF, I seek to work to see Graduate students and Faculty transformed, the whole UofA campus renewed for the good of all and help students learn how to become spiritually mature and be leaders in their respective fields and thus make deep impact in their spheres of influence in the Name of Christ. Through this group and individual contacts at the UofA, I seek to do the pastoral work of mentoring and encouraging believers, strategically develop relationships with Graduate students from all around the world so as to share the Gospel and work in cooperation with other Christian campus ministry groups to reach out to the thousands of people at the UofA.

St. Andrew’s Contact:   Kurt Schmidt, kschmidt@dakotacom.net


Korean Presbyterian Church

The Korean Presbyterian Church is  set up to reach out to the Korean population in Tucson as a multi-ethnic church , proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and telling about His love. The specific population is Korean people whose first language is not English and/or their spouse is of a different culture.  Additionally, the church provides outreach to U of A International students.  

St. Andrew’s contact: Del Rieschick, del.rieschick@att.net



Living Water International

Living Water International exists to demonstrate God’s love by helping communities around the world to acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience “living water” – Jesus Christ.  St. Andrew’s began our partnership with them in 2010 by raising over $30,000 for wells in Haiti and Zambia.

Web: www.water.cc

Contact:  John Nadolski, Director, SW Region

St. Andrew’s Contact: Mark Stratton


Mentoring Academy of America

The purpose of this program is to identify, recruit, train, and match responsible adults to serve as mentors to homeless, disabled, troubled or economically disadvantaged youth.

Executive Director:  Ronald A. Wilson, JD

Web:  www.ronaldwilson.com

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Doug Jewell, dgjewl@gmail.com


Middle Eastern Presbyterian Fellowship

The Middle Eastern Presbyterian Fellowship is group set up to reach out for the Middle Eastern population in Tucson and the surroundings, proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and telling about the love He showed us on the Cross bearing our sins. The group serves new refugees from Iraq and the well-established Middle-Eastern from Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iran.

Director: Georges Bitar

St. Andrew’s contact: Del Rieschick, del.rieschick@att.net


Montlure Camp

Montlure is a special place for children, youth, and adults in the ministry of our church. Montlure is a Presbyterian Church camp which has been in operation since 1926 and is located high in the While Mountains. Since the Wallow Fire in 2011, while waiting for approval from the Forest Service to be able to renovate and re-inhabit its facilities, Montlure has conducted its camp programs at other locations in Arizona. In addition to financial support, St. Andrew’s has frequently sent work teams to help prepare the campgrounds for the summer camping season.

Web: www.montlure.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Kreamer,

Next Step

Next Step’s mission is to restore impoverished families and neighborhoods to stability and wholeness, one at a time.  A team of fourteen St. Andrew’s members serve as life specialists and supportive advocates for an impoverished individual or family, meeting with them regularly to set goals and establish a plan.

St. Andrew’s Contact:  Craig Littlefield, craig.littlefield@comcast.net


One Mission

Since 2006 St. Andrew’s has sent small teams that have joined with others from Pantano Christian Church to build homes in Rocky Point. This ministry has been building homes for impoverished families along the Mexican border for over 30 years. Over 16,000 homes have been built by 300,000 volunteers on mission trips from 7,000 churches.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Kevin Oxnam, kevinoxnam@gmail.com


Operation Christmas Child—Samaritan’s Purse

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes and the good news of God's love. This unique project of Samaritan's Purse provides opportunity for people of all ages to be involved in a simple, hands-on mission outreach.

Web: www.Samaritanspurse.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Michelle Herzog, herzogfamily@comcast.net

Presbyterian Campus Ministry (PCM)—University of Arizona

PCM strives to provide an open and welcoming place for undergrads, grad students, and young adults to be themselves, belong to a community seeking to follow Jesus Christ, and become who they are called to be. Students and young adults of all backgrounds are welcome to grow in faith through worship, fellowship, study, and service.

Contact: Ellen Dawson

Web: www.pcmarizona.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Kevin Oxnam, kevinoxnam@gmail.com








Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship—Tajikistan

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship and PCUSA World Mission have mentoring relationships with churches of Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Iran. Their ministry of encouragement is expressed through regular visits, personal email, occasional phone calls, and at the request of a Central Asian church, facilitating visits to minister to particular needs including small business start-up, biblical teaching, or increasing HIV awareness.

Email: wbb@pactec.net  

Contacts: Barbara and Woody Busse

St. Andrew’s Contact: Nancy Bates, newtbates@yahoo.com


Primavera Foundation

Innovative programs and services provide a full range of opportunities to help people transition from poverty to greater well being and security.  For twenty years St. Andrew’s members have prepared dinner once per month for the men’s shelter.

Web: www.primavera.org

Contact: Jana Meirint

St. Andrew’s Contact: Anita Degnan, adegnan@sapctucson.org


Sandwich Squad

The Sandwich Squad is a St. Andrew’s ministry that provides lunches to the homeless. Approximately 200 individuals or families are organized into groups. Each group makes lunches every eight weeks. Each member makes ten lunches. Some groups make their lunches at home while other groups meet and make the lunches together. This allows us to provide an average of 250 lunches each week. The lunches are delivered to the Gospel Rescue Mission and other homeless organizations.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Craig Littlefield, craig.litlefield@comcast.net


Seminary Support

St. Andrew’s provides financial support for seminary students, who were or are members of our church, helping them to complete their education to become ministers.

St. Andrew’s Contact: Sandy Kreamer, sandrakreamer@gmail.com




TIHAN – Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network

They support and advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as their loved ones. In cooperation with other care providers, they offer their hearts and hands to educate and activate our faith communities to serve with understanding and compassion. St. Andrew’s participates by providing volunteers to plan and serve at the Poz Café, as well other ways.

Web: www.tihan.org

Director: Scott Blades

St. Andrew’s Contact: Del Rieschick, del.rieschick@att.net


TEAM – Central Asia

Adam and Amy Baker are living in a closed Central Asia country. Both are trained in linguistics and are involved in language and community development activities. They have three young sons.

E-mail: adamb924@gmail.com     

Web:  www.teamworld.org   

Contacts: Adam & Amy Baker

St. Andrew’s Contact: Harry Newlon, hwnanaz@gmail.com


Tucson Refugee Ministry

Tucson Refugee Ministry (TRM) was founded in 2006 to inspire and empower church groups to meet the needs of Tucson’s refugees.  TRM partners with refugee resettlement agencies, trains volunteers, models transformational relationships and provides opportunities to build relationships.

Website: www.tucsonrefugeeministry.com

Director: Cherie Gray

St. Andrew’s Contact: Del Rieschick, del.rieschick@att.net


T4 Global

T4 Global is committed to reaching the more than four billion people in our world who are oral learners with the good news of Jesus.  Tim and Susi Brown provide leadership and training to those reaching out to people who can’t or don’t read.

Website: www.t4global.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Harry Newlon, hwnanaz@gmail.com



Wycliffe Bible Translators

Albert Bickford is in charge of linguistic publications for the Mexico Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (aka Wycliffe Bible Translators), which translates the Bible into the heart language of indigenous peoples. He is also in charge of a sign language Bible translation project. Anita is the publications archivist and teaches Phonetics; she recently published a Phonetics textbook. Albert and Anita are St. Andrew's members and active in the choir.

Email: albert_bickford@sil.org

Web: www.sil.org/mexico

Contacts: Albert and Anita Bickford

St. Andrew’s Contact: Les Henson, leshenson7@gmail.com


Wycliffe Bible Translators

Known in Mexico as the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL),

Ron Newberg is the SIL Director and oversees the work for the translation of the Word into the many local language communities of Mexico. Sue works in the area of member care. Both have worked with the Zapotec speaking people of Yalálag and Ron completed a version of the New Testament in the Zapotec language. The SIL office is located in Catalina, AZ. Ron and Sue are St. Andrew's members.

Email: ron_newberg@sil.org

Web: www.sil.org/mexico

Contacts: Ron and Sue Newberg

St. Andrew’s Contact: Les Henson, leshenson7@gmail.com


YWAM – Spain

Ashraf and Naomi Abdou lead the Youth with a Mission's Discipleship Training School in the country of Malta.Their students are all Arabic speakers who spend five months outside of their culture to develop their relationship with God before going back to their own countries to continue in local ministry.  The school includes instruction on frontier missions.

Email: naomi.bickford@gmail.com or ashrafmf@yahoo.com

St. Andrew’s Contact: Rebecca Taber, rrtaber@gmail.com

Where Does the Money Come From To Support These Ministries?


The main source of funds for missions is the church’s annual budget via tithes and offerings. Session has traditionally budgeted at least 10% of general fund pledges, non-pledges, and loose offerings to the Missions Committee. 

Tompkins Fund

The substantial estate of Mary Kay Tompkins was left to St. Andrew’s, with the requirement that it be available to help needy people in Pima County. Because of her generosity, we can afford more significant gifts to deserving local individuals and organizations.

Special Offerings

During the year the congregation has the opportunity to participate in special mission offerings, such as the Youth 30 hour famine, Change for Children and Living Water wells. The Missions Team does not allocate money from the budget to these programs.

Designated Mission Support

St. Andrew’s members from time-to-time give money to the church designated to a particular mission. The money is sent directly to their program of choice.