The Lent Experience

This year we are looking ahead to the Lenten Season as a way for us to grow in our faith and together. We are inviting all of St. Andrew’s to join together as groups to “The Lent Experience.”

The Lent Experience was created by Eric Ferris of the Ride the Ferris Wheel in 2013 as a way to reimagine 2,000 years of Christian tradition, capture the heart of Lent and reimagine it. Whether you’re a veteran of observing Lent or a rookie who is jumping in for the first time, you can join thousands of people from all over the world for an experience that just may surprise you.

It’s not just more teaching or more information and it’s not some stuffy, religious obligation. This is an invitation to do something different!

So, we invite you to join together with an existing Small Group, Conversation Group, or Life Together Group, or gather a new group together.

This can be done via Zoom or in person. This will begin the first week of Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022. The material consists of a video to watch together and a personal journal for discussion and self-reflection.

Sign-Up for one of the following:

  • Participate with an existing group
  • Be a leader and gather a group
  • Participate as a new group member

Weekly Videos