We are currently providing 150 bagged lunches per week (more have been requested) between two La Frontera clinics so that they can provide lunches to their clients who struggle with mental illness.

Our volunteers typically sign up for one term at a time which lasts four months. Each person who signs up contributes once per month and simply drops their items off at church in either the Chapel or The Gathering Place on Sunday morning.

Each week we need:

Bags of chips or cracker packs (sold in boxes of 50 at Sam’s Club or Costco), SOFT granola bars, pudding cups, and fruit cups or applesauce cups. For sandwiches, we ask each person to make 20 sandwiches: two slices of bread, two slices of deli meat, and one slice of cheese. We use packets of condiments which are provided separately. Each sandwich is then placed in individual sandwich bags and brought to church on Sunday morning and placed in the refrigerator that is located in the basement kitchen of the SW campus. Our lunches are then assembled on Monday mornings and delivered.

We need volunteers each quarter to share in the lunch-making on Monday mornings, delivery of the lunches, as well as providing sandwiches and supplies. Thank you so much!

Contact: Louise Boost