Mission Values

The Mission Team finds the following to be important values in determining how to allocate mission funds and become involved in mission projects.

We desire to support missions that:

  1. Are effective in achieving the ministry’s goals…accountable, efficient, and above reproach.
  2. Offer the opportunity for “hands on” participation by St. Andrew’s members. In addition, we must:
    • consider every member as being sent,
    • encourage intergenerational efforts,
    • partner with other churches, and
    • foster relationships with those served.
  3. Address the needs of the poor in Pima County and in the two-thirds of the world by:
    • providing the appropriate response to the need, not just the easiest response,
    • doing more to address the root cause of need rather than the symptoms,
    • involving the needy in the process whenever possible.
  4. Favor ministry where the Gospel in word and deed are intertwined.
  5. Offer short term support to new or struggling Presbyterian churches.
  6. Share the Gospel with unreached people.
  7. Foster the development of new pastors and missionaries from within our congregation.
  8. Use innovative methods to communicate the Gospel and serve the needy.

How do we support these ministries?


The main source of Missions’ Funds is from the church’s annual budget via tithes and offerings. Session has traditionally budgeted between 8-10% of general fund pledges, non-pledges, and loose offerings to the Mission Committee. The Mission Team then decides how to allocate that money among many local and global projects that St. Andrew’s supports.


The substantial estate of Mary Kay Tompkins was left to St. Andrew’s with the requirement that it be available to help needy people in Pima County. Because of her generosity, we can afford more significant gifts to deserving local individuals and organizations.


During the year the congregation has the opportunity to participate in special mission offerings such as the Youth 30 Hour Famine, Change for Children, and a special project for a Christmas offering. The Missions Team does not allocate money from the budget to these programs.


Occasionally, St. Andrew’s members designate funds to a particular mission. That money is sent directly to the program of choice.

Upcoming Events

30 Hour Famine

February 11 @ 8:30 am - February 12 @ 11:00 am

30 Hour Famine – Volunteers needed!

February 11 @ 10:00 am - February 12 @ 10:30 am