God's Calling

Randy Reynolds

Founder and Executive Director of Community Renewal, Randy Reynolds came to Arizona from Southern California on a gymnastics scholarship to the University of Arizona in 1968. While at the U of A, he started a Bible study that grew to become a local church called the Vineyard Christian Community. This church focused on the marginalized, hippies, homeless, and others who needed to find the love of Christ. He served there as the pastor until 1985. In 1985, Randall started Renewal Counseling and served as its founder and executive director until October of 2005. During that time he authored and published nine books and workbooks including Common Grace for Relationships and the Recovery Discovery Series workbooks. In 2006, Randall started Community Renewal, with the mission of transforming the city. Community Renewal’s mission is holistic and for the common good in that all needs and all people matter to God. Believers are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to serve God in our community to bring about “the shalom” of the city (Jeremiah 29:7). Randall continues to counsel part-time and he is working on encouraging the body of Christ to bring healing, development, and the Good News to the poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and broken in Tucson. Randy has four children and ten grandchildren.

Bigimba Ngabo

Goshen Ministries is an international organization that seeks to bring Hope to All Peoples. Founded by Pastor Bigimba Ngabo during a time of great unrest in the Central African region, this ministry began in Burundi with a church and orphanage and a great many refugees. Since that time, relocation to the United States has brought a great many of these stories to the Tucson area - and created many opportunities for collaboration in service to children at the orphanage, empowerment of the adults in the African countries and camps, as well as support in the transition to life in the United States. Bigimba and his wife, Aurore, have two children.