Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke 5:1-11
Deep Faith Deep Church Sermon Series


We have just come out a season of transition and also a fruitful season of multiplying various ministries to our community. We have a great reputation in our city as a church that cares. However, a new chapter is starting to birth, a chapter that will continue our missional endeavors but one that allows the congregation to go deeper.

Theme: I want us to go deeper and deeper in our faith as individuals but also as a church.

John Ortberg describes a pattern in Scripture for when Jesus calls people to depth, different elements we face along the way to depth.

  • Depth first starts with a calling or stirring.
  • Fear is always on the path towards depth.
  • Somewhere along the way towards depth God gives us little nudges of reassurance. 
  • At some point along the journey towards depth we have to make a decision.
  • The last element towards depth is a changed life. 

I want all of us to go to the deep waters of our faith. It is time for some of us to leave the shallow end. We have spent many years there. It is time to go to the deep end.

Reflection Question
Is your faith living in the shallow in or the deep end?
What would it look like for you to go deeper in your faith?