Looking Forward: Words and Deeds

Sermon Notes
Looking Forward
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Acts 11:22-26

“Looking Forward: Words and Deeds”

Theme: Communicating our faith is about words and deeds saturated in relationship.

We are all called to live out our faith in word and in deed. This is hard enough but here is the real kicker.

How do we communicate our faith in words and deeds when the primary form of communication is digital; emails, text, and social media?

How do we communicate our faith when a primary mode of communication is not in physical space (face to face) rather electronic space?

How do we be a Barnabas on Facebook? How would Francis of Assisi navigate social media?

As a church, we do not have any simple answers. But we do know this needs to be one of our priorities as a church for the next several years, figuring out how to truly communicate and leverage our digital age. For every challenge, there are opportunities not only for our church but the greater church for possible ways to leverage the new technological world we live in for the Kingdom of God.

Questions to Ponder:

How well do I express my faith in the way I live?

Do I have spiritual conversations with folks outside of traditional faith?

On social media am I more interested in fostering relationship or projecting an image of myself?

How do I have spiritual conversations with friends on social media?