Miracle Middle Manager

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 6:1-15

“Miracle Middle Manager”

As we are doing a sermon series on miracles, one of the greatest lessons we must learn through the Bible is that often God does indeed do miracles in this day in age, but his preferred way of doing them is through you and me. We are miracle middle managers. We are the right people at the right time, that if we so choose, we can allow ourselves to be part of a miracle.

So far in this sermon series we have focused on miracles primarily in relationship to our needs, but today we want to focus on us being miracles for others.

Theme: You and I can be vessels for God’s miracles.

The creator of the universe chooses you and me in all our brokenness to be his vessels, his instruments of mercy and power to a world that is in need. Today I want to say God is nudging us, sending us to be his vessels to be his miracles; but we must have our heart and eyes open to God’s nudges, large or small, that are all around us.

God is saying to you and me, “whom shall I send?”

The question is how will we respond?

But here is the catch, often the miracles God orchestrates through us at the time do not seem that spectacular. As we are just going through life being faithful to the nudges and promptings of the Holy Spirit, God takes the ordinary and turns them into the extraordinary for someone else.

We are all miracles if we so choose to be!