Love To Belong

Rev. Mat Grover
Small But Mighty
3 John

“Love To Belong”

3rd  John is the smallest book in the entire Bible. Although, 2nd John has fewer verses (13), 3rd John contains only 219 words, as compared to 2nd John at 245 words.

In each of the 3 John Letters, the author is reacting to a conflict within a number of house churches. 1st John writes to the group of churches confirming the teachings of Jesus and the truth that Jesus is Israel’s Messiah. 2nd John is a letter to a specific house church warning them about corrupt teachers that might try and infiltrate their community. 3rd John is addressed to a specific person, warning against a particular leader who is perpetuating the lies, and refusing to collaborate with John.

3rd John
I. Opening (verses 1-4)
- Greeting Gaius
- Praying for Health, Rejoicing in Truth

II.  Body (verses 5-12)
- Supporting God’s Missionaries
- Condemning Diotrephes
- Commending Demetrius

III.  Closing (verses 13-15)
- Regrets, Hopes and Greetings

“The Christian family circle should always be wide enough to have a place for strangers, wherever they come from.” – William Barclay


What does it mean for us to walk in the light?

What are the ways that we as a church and as individuals are working towards Jesus like hospitality?