Word and Spirit

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 4:46-54

“Word and Spirit”

The “Word” versus the “Spirit.” It is a great divide. Many churches and denominations are characterized by one over the other. They emphasize one and give lip service to the other. If churches could truly discover how to bring these two priorities together, the simultaneous combination would be a spontaneous combustion. That is my hope and prayer for our church, that we would be people of the Word and people of the Spirit.

People of the Word
There are times that we want to see a miracle, we want to see a sign, we want to see the power of God, and God just seems silent. It is in those times we are called to trust God’s promises, to trust our theology of God’s sovereignty, to trust God’s love for us. It is in these moments we learn to be less dependent on the spectacular and dependent on the word of God that we see in Scriptures.

People of the Spirit
We as Christians are called people of the Bible. We study and learn. But we can analyze our faith literally, at times, to death. We are called to be people of the Word, but we are also called to be people of the Spirit. Our faith and relationship with our Savior is meant to be new every morning. The Spirit allows us to discover new vitality.

So how do we be people, a church that is both dependent on Word and Spirit?
How do we become people who are tethered to God’s promises, but looking for the power of God in this world and in our lives?

Theme: It requires us to be people that trust and pray!

Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker, is based on the idea that all of us can create prayer circles where we pray around an issue with boldness. Much like the Israelites who marched around Jericho praying for God’s power, we can all become circle makers. There is a deeply personal dimension to all of this. We can encircle our family, our job, our problems, and our goals in bold prayer.