Forgiveness Is Everything

Sermon Notes
Small but Mighty
Rev. Mat Grover

“Forgiveness Is Everything”

Paul’s Epistle to Philemon is the apostle’s shortest writing.  It is only 25 verses containing 335 words. There are only three books in the entire Bible that are smaller. 

Paul’s message to Philemon was a simple one: based on the work of love and forgiveness that had been wrought in Philemon’s heart by God, show the same to the escaped and now believing slave Onesimus.

Outline of Philemon:
Philemon 1-3: Opening greetings
Philemon 4-7: Philemon is commended for his faith and charity
Philemon 8-20: Paul’s request regarding Onesimus
Philemon 21-22: Paul’s expectation to visit
Philemon 23-25: Concluding words and benediction

The letter to Philemon reminds us that God’s revelation to humanity is intensely personal. Philemon stands as one piece of strong evidence revealing that lofty doctrines such as the love of God, forgiveness in Christ, or the inherent dignity of humanity have real and pertinent impact in everyday life. The book of Philemon illustrates that principles like these can and should profoundly affect the lives of believers.

In what areas in your life do you need to ask for forgiveness?

Where do you need to seek reconciliation?