Prayer Is Important

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On The Road With Jesus
Luke 18:1-8

“Prayer Is Important”

Luke tells us that this parable of the persistent widow and the unrighteous judge is about our need to pray constantly and not lose hope.

Theme: We need to pray constantly and not lose hope.
Over the years as you dig a bit deeper about prayer you can eventually find two camps or approaches to prayer.

The first camp argues that when we pray we do not change God rather God changes us.
This theological perspective of God changing us comes from Calvin who emphasized God’s sovereignty, and Calvin with the reformers started to shift the focus of prayer from its effects on God to its effects on the person praying.

The second camp approaches prayer as bringing our needs before a personal God who alertly listens and then responds.
The Old and New Testament do not describe merely a changeless God Who is passively listening to our prayers for us to come to our senses. Scripture is filled with descriptions of God Who wants to hear our pleas and then responds.

Prevailing Prayer

· Come to God with specific needs.

· Pray with submission to the will of God.

· Pray by His Spirit.

· Double check our motives.

· Prayer takes perseverance.

Prayer List