Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On the Road With Jesus
Luke 15:11-24


Last week I described God’s love for us no matter who we are or what we have done, but like a pipe that is clogged, there just seems at times to be something blocking us from fully accepting God’s unconditional love.

We do know that God’s love is persistent and can break through any barriers. Today, I want us to look at one of the hardest misconceptions to overcome in our lives, the misconception that we are unworthy to be forgiven by God.

Theme: God is a God who forgives us, and He wants us to forgive ourselves so we can live in freedom.

So how can we have this freedom of forgiveness?

First of all we need to come out of hiding.

Second, confession leads us to Grace.

Third, we must forgive ourselves, casting out the unforgiving inquisitor.

It is difficult to forgive ourselves because it takes courage to face our past. The very thing we need to forgive ourselves of, we have probably buried deep with no intention of digging it back up. So it puts us in a very interesting bind; we are haunted by guilt and we cannot forgive ourselves, yet to allow healing we have to face it and bring it before God.

But as we slow down, stop and bring our guilt before God, God embraces us with forgiveness and showers us with His grace.

Reflection Questions:

1. Why is forgiving ourselves the hardest part of forgiveness?


2. What are practical ways to come out of hiding?


3. How can we come face to face with our sin?


4. What does confession look like for me?