The Habit of Turning

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On the Road With Jesus
Luke 13

“The Habit of Turning”

Sometimes when Jesus is teaching He refers to historical incidents that His listeners would be aware of but not necessarily we readers two thousand years later. That is why to understand what Jesus is saying at times we must understand Jesus’ context. Today is one of those times.

Theme: Jesus is giving a strong warning to not lose sight of Him.

Jesus is calling us to go beyond the expectations of the day and follow Him and His ways.

In the Old Testament there are numerous signs of what we call a “messianic hope.” There was an expectation of a Messiah, but the expectation was a bit more militaristic. They were hoping for a Messiah who would be like David and be a strong military leader, leading them into a revolution, so Israel could gain power and a kingdom once again. Throughout Jesus’ ministry we watch this confusion play out with the crowds and even His disciples at times.

Regardless of how lost you get, allow Jesus to be your savior.

Jesus knew He was to be a different kind of King bringing a different kind of Kingdom with a different kind of power. “The Son of Man came to give His life a ransom for many.” Jesus took the projected evil of the world and drew it on Himself.

Repent, turn towards God.

Repentance recognizes that where I am is not where I am supposed to be. So I turn and move towards where I am supposed to be. It starts with the cry of our heart and ends with running toward where God wants us to be.

Our faith life is about habitually turning back to our first love.