Storms and Trials

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On the Road with Jesus
Luke 8

“Storms and Trials”

Today we are going to look at the intersection of Jesus’ power and our faith as we go through storms and trials.

The word “faith” in Greek is “pistis.” It translates into trust, confidence, fidelity.

In our passages today we are challenged to wrestle with what is the object of our trust, Jesus’ power or Who Jesus is?

Jesus has power over the natural order of the world but He also allows us to live in the brokenness of it. This is where Jesus power intersects with faith.

Theme: We are not to just trust in what Jesus can do, rather we are to trust in Who Jesus is. Jesus is the object of our trust.

We cannot put our faith in external factors, but in Jesus Himself. No matter what you are facing right now in your life, our deeper reality is that Jesus has power, Jesus is power, and we have to define ourselves on the deeper reality of Jesus never letting us go.

Jesus does not promise to calm every storm in your life, but you can allow Jesus to calm you in every storm of life, and it takes a deeper trust that only God can give you.          

Reflection Questions:         

1. What storms or trials are you facing right now?


2. Do you sense God in the middle of it?


3 How do we misplace trust on external factors? Examples?


4. How can we trust Jesus more in our lives?