Peace Makers

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole  
Luke: On the Road with Jesus
Luke 10

“Peace Makers”

As I have shared often, we, the followers of Christ, are the sent ones! We, like the seventy-two, have been chosen to go before Jesus and live out the Kingdom of God.

But the central question all of us ask from time to time is how? How do we live out the Kingdom?

Theme: We are called to be Peace Makers.

Ken Sande in his book, describes Peace Makers as people who breathe grace. They draw continually from the goodness and power of Jesus and then they bring love, mercy, forgiveness, strength, and wisdom to their daily encounters in life.

“Peace” is a central theme throughout scriptures.

· Peace is part of God’s character as we often see God referred to as the God of Peace.

· Peace is one of the great blessings God gives those who follow Him.

· God regularly commands His people to seek and pursue peace.

The Hebrew word for peace is “shalom” meaning healing, wholeness, and restoration. The Greek word for peace means deep rest, freedom, and security.

As we are sent out as Peace Maker, it may come at a cost.

As we are sent out as Peace Makers, it may not be comfortable, but it is when we experience true joy.

If all of us would be willing to be sent out to breathe grace and forgiveness to whomever God puts in our path, the harvest would be completed and there would be a feast of deep rest, freedom, and restoration.