Infected by Grace

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke: On the Road With Jesus
Luke 5:12-14

“Infected by Grace”

We are on the second week of a sermon series based on the book of Luke where we want to go on the road with Jesus, look at what He taught, how He behaved, Who He encountered so we can wrestle with Who Jesus was so we can fully embrace Who Jesus is in our lives.

What is the Kingdom of God that Jesus was proclaiming?

Jesus was not announcing an overthrow of Rome by force, nor the taking of the fallen world into His kingdom by might, but instead He was declaring that God’s reign, rule, and way of living is available to anyone who would “enter in” and receive it by faith.

But we often refer to the Kingdom as here and not yet. The Kingdom of God was ushered in with Jesus. Yet God’s Kingdom will not be completely fulfilled until Jesus returns where He promises a new heaven and a new earth where God will rule over the world in justice and might. Until then, the kingdom will work its way into the world in part through Jesus’ followers.

The message of the Kingdom of God is that Jesus can touch us and make us whole.

The message of the Kingdom of God calls us to touch others and bring wholeness to the world we live in.

The Kingdom “not yet” will be here some day with Jesus’ return ushering in a new heaven and a new earth. But you and I, the followers of Christ, we are the Kingdom “now.”

•   As we are healed we become healers.
•   As we encounter Jesus we then bring Jesus to others.
•   As we are touched by God, we are called to touch those who are considered the
•   As we are infected by grace, we are called to infect grace and love.

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