Communion Of The Saints


Creed / Rev. Jim Toole

Ephesians 2:19-22

Communion Of The Saints

Today we are going to look at the theology of the Church.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the holy catholic church,

the communion of saints.

Theme: The hope of the church rests on our relying on the foundations of the Church

The Greek word for church is Ecclesia. It translates into “being called out” and literally means an “assembly.” Another word in the New Testament for the church is Kuriakon, which means “belonging to the Lord.”

If you put these two concepts together it translates as “the assembly that belongs to Jesus”.

The Four Marks of the Church is a term describing four distinct adjectives of the Church:

The Church is One

We together share the light of Christ to the world. Alone our lights are dim but together we are a spotlight that shines toward Christ. We are one Church united in Christ.

The Church is Holy

To be the church we are called to be set apart and to share life with fellow Christians.

The Church is Catholic

So what we are really trying to say in the Apostles’ Creed is that we believe in the Church universal, that we are one church united throughout history of the past and united to believers in the future.

The Church is Apostolic

The Church, for all of its strengths and weaknesses, is not to exist solely for itself. The Church is a movement of the apostles, from the very beginning, to carry out the great commission.

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