Run with the Horses

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Jeremiah 1:1-10



Today we are starting a ten-week sermon series looking at the key themes of Jeremiah based on Eugene Peterson’s book, Running with the Horses. The premise of the title comes from Jeremiah 12:5. At this moment Jeremiah was worn down by all the opposition and resistance to his message. The story of Jeremiah is one of the greatest underdog stories, a story about perseverance, stamina, and faith in the midst of tragedy. 


Jeremiah’s name means ____________ and was born _____________. During his ministry there was incredible conflict between ___________ and ___________. Jeremiah and the other prophets were about holding in tension the message of ___________ and ___________. 

Jeremiah is called the ____________. 

Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed by __________ and Judah was led away in captivity by the __________. 

Theme: My prayer for today is that all of you can leave today realizing that before you were born, God consecrated you. God made you sacred, set you apart for a purpose. God made you uniquely you. 

We all have been set apart, consecrated to the work of the prophetic. We need to stand in the gap against injustice, poverty, pain, and sin in this world. We are called in our everyday lives to be change agents. The simplest definition of being prophetic means bringing people to the presence of God. Some of us will be called to extraordinary challenges but most of us will be called to be prophetic in the ordinary. 

We have been enculturated to see significance and purpose as something we do that is extraordinary, but true significance happens when we start to see the ordinary things we do as extraordinary in the sight of God.