Believing and Beholding

“Believing and Beholding”

 Lewis, Sayers, and Williams were some of the best Christian thinkers of their time, but they also were combating a pragmatic scientific worldview that was getting very good about theologizing God but forgetting how to behold the beauty and power of God. They believed we had to hold both in tension.

 Theme: Faith is both believing and beholding; we must open our eyes to the beauty and power of God that is all around us.

 Dorothy Sayers -

 Charles Williams -

 David -

 The Webster definition of Beholding is to look at, to see, to apprehend and to gaze.

 Worship is commonly defined as the feeling or expression of reverence, adoration, devotion, and beholding God.

 David knew that worship had to be part of his daily diet. It not only gave him life, it gave him perspective. More and more we people of faith need to be intentional to behold and worship God in our everyday lives. As we see God in the minutia of our day it makes all of it more than minutia. It is about beholding and being present before God. This is worship. 

I challenge us all to open our eyes to see the beauty and power of God that is all around us. Let worship and beholding God be part of your daily diet.