Goodness and Kindness

Rev. Jim Toole
Ephesians 4:25-5:2
Fruit of the Spirit: Who Am I Becoming?


Randy Frazee describes goodness and kindness as cousins that come from the same root but with distinct meanings.

  • Paul often for the word “good” uses the Greek word “agathos.” It refers to an outward beauty that comes from deep within.
  • The Greek word for “kindness” is “christas” which means the followers of Jesus show kindness to others because this is what resides in their heart.

Theme: Goodness and Kindness are one of the purest forms of the imitation of Christ.

The definition of Incarnational Ministry is as Jesus entered into this world then we as Christians enter into the worlds of those who God puts in our lives by coming beside them, accompanying them and being with them.

This is where Goodness and Kindness truly are birthed from imitating Christ.

My hope and prayer of imitating Christ in goodness and kindness is that we can truly be about widening our perspective, widening our sights out to the very people God loves. For some of us it will be widening our sights out to the margins. Others of us, it will be widening our purpose in life, that as Christ dwells within us, we bring an incarnationalpresence to the people around us in order to point people to God’s presence in their lives.

Who is that someone God is calling you to?