We Need an Ebed-melech in Our Life!

Run with the Horses
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Jeremiah 37

“We Need an Ebed-melech in Our Life!”

We are created for relationship. We all think we are self-sufficient but the reality is we were not created that way. Needing our neighbor, needing others is essential for our spiritual growth.

 Harvard researcher Daniel Goleman states, "The most fundamental revelation of the discipline of neurobiology is that we are wired to connect with others.”

 Theme: If we want a deep relationship with God, we need deep relationships with each other. We all need people who stand with us and for us.

 Ebed-melech was one of the few friends and supporters of Jeremiah. An alien and slave in Jerusalem, he believed Jeremiah’s prophecies. He aided Jeremiah even though the Israelite rulers and priests rejected Jeremiah and his message.


Jeremiah had God on his side. Jeremiah knew how to pray, obey and persevere but he also needed some friends who were willing to stand with him and for him. God often showers His grace on us through our ordinary day to day relationships. We all need an Ebed-melech in our lives.

 Who is standing with you and for you? Who can you turn to when you feel stuck in the mud?

 As I have shared many times before, so often the seeds for these types of friendships are right in front of us, just waiting to be nurtured. Some of you have gotten to know folks on Sunday morning and all it takes is to ask someone out for coffee and lunch. Some of you Pre-school parents may want to form a prayer group for your kids. The sky is the limit.

 1. Do you have an Ebed-melech in your life, a friend who will stand with you and for you? a group of spiritual friends?

2. Who could be that for you? Think of some names right here, right now. What would it take for you to invite them to coffee or lunch? A turquoise table in the front lawn? Be creative.