Healing and Wholeness

January 3, 2016
Rev. Jim Toole and Nicaragua Mission Team
Mark 2:1-12


Theme: As we start this New Year let us strive for healing and wholeness.

The Wikipedia definition of healing is: the restoration, repairing or regeneration of damage.

 Healing can take on many forms but here are three I want us to look at.

  • Physical Healing – Where we pray for God’s touch on a physical condition.
  • Emotional Healing – Where we pray for God to heal our heart and bring wholeness to our emotional lives.
  • Systemic Healing – Where the body of Christ prays but also acts by being Christ’s instruments of grace to the world.

One of my favorite aspects of ministry is that when we get in touch with our own healing, we become healers.

As we are healed we want to be Christ’s instrument of healing to the world.

This November we sent a team to Nicaragua to drill a water well. Most of these folks on the team are like you and me who have experienced God’s grace in their lives and they were ready to express that grace to others.

Nicaragua Team Presentation