Personal God

Genesis 21:15-19
Rev. Jim Toole
What We Believe  

Personal God

Last week we discovered that God is the one true God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the Creator of everything – seen and unseen. It makes sense that if we believe there is a God who created everything, then He is great.  BUT here is what most of us really want to know: is God good?

So today we will look at three stories in the Bible that describe specific characteristics of God’s personal nature.

Hagar – God sees, hears and is present




Woman at the Well – God forgives, heals and makes us new




Ruth – God provides, redeems and restores




Characteristics of God’s Personal Nature

I encourage you to read these every day this week, memorize them and pray through them. (Circle 2-3 you need to embrace the most)

  • God hears
  • God sees
  • God is present
  • God forgives
  • God heals
  • God makes us new
  • God provides
  • God redeems
  • God restores