Why Church?

August 9, 2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Acts 2:42-43
Why Church?


This sermon series will lay out many different connection points for all of us regardless if you have been with us for a few months or if you have been with us for several years. All of us are longing for a deeper connection.

The primary ingredients of the early church:

  • They fellowshipped, they were in relationship
  • They would Study Together
  • They also prayed together and were led by the Holy Spirit
  • They caused an awe of God to those watching

We have structured our church around these ingredients. We organize ourselves at St. Andrew’s around four primary Clusters or Departments.

  • Spiritual Formation Cluster- Adult, Children and Youth
  • Community Life Cluster – Caring, fellowship, membership
  • Evangelism/Outreach Cluster – Worship, missions, and outreach
  • Support Cluster – All things operationally