What Is It That You Are Building Your Life On?

June 7, 2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Thessalonians 1
Strengthening Our Foundation

Strengthening our Foundation

 Many of us try to build our foundation with many different remedies, a new job, new relationships, new toys in our lives, a new house, a drastic new change in our lives. Most likely this will work for a while but eventually life will start to even erode this façade. We need to build our lives on a true foundation.

What is it that you are building your life on?

For the next eight weeks we will be studying 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Both of these letters of Thessalonica cover a vast array of topics of Christian living. There is a wealth of practical teaching on what it means to have a foundation of a true Christ follower.

What is it that you are building your life on?

Paul knew that turning from idols and creating a new identity of serving Christ changes everything. What we worship or what we build our lives on shapes us. If our roots and foundations become unstable then everything else in our life system starts to unravel. But like the Thessalonians, we can experience the freedom of actually tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit and having a rescuer from the darkness of the world and even the darkness within ourselves. It is life changing and life giving. No longer does our foundation deteriorate with the winds of the day; rather even under pressure we can stand on the foundation of being a believer of Christ.

Homework: Reflect on our question of the day. What is it that you are building your life on? Then start praying this week, “Lord, how can I build a stronger foundation on you?” Then just listen and see what God says to you.