Being the Real Deal

June 14 /2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
1 Thessalonians 2
Strengthening our Foundation 

Being the Real Deal

Both of these letters of Thessalonica cover a vast array of topics of Christian living. This is why our sermon series is called “strengthening our foundation” because there is a wealth of practical teaching on what it means to have a foundation of a true Christ follower.

Today we will be walking through a few sections of Chapter two. There are probably five sermons in this chapter, so that is why it is so important for you to read and study Thessalonians on your own as well. Each section has a key priority for living out our faith.

A key priority is living an authentic life where indeed we care and we share ourselves with the very people God puts in our lives.

The second key priority in chapter two is that our vocation/careers are secondary to the real ministry of living in to who Christ has called us to be.

God calls us His child; we are saved by grace, and we are secure. We are made uniquely so we can be participants in God’s grace to the world. We are hard-wired with a purpose.


Primary Call:



Secondary Call:




Last Week’s Question: What is it that you are building your life on?

This Week’s Question: Are you living into your secondary Calling? What is your ministry? What gifts, talents and skills has God given you for the Kingdom of God? What is your hard-wired purpose in life? It may be a few things and not just one thing.