The Blessing of Christ-Centered Community

May 10, 2015
Rev. Carla Williams
Philippians 1:3-11
The Power of Anticipation

 The Blessing of Christ-Centered Community

Although seasons of transition often kindle emotions of fear and anxiety even for Christ-followers, these seasons are also an opportunity to keep praying and thanking God for His abundant grace and abiding presence.

 Paul writes his letter to the believers in Philippi while imprisoned in Rome, unsure that he will ever see his beloved friends again. While the letter as a whole conveys important information, verses 3-11 represent a two part prayer through which Paul conveys his joy, his gratitude, his confidence, his affection, and his longing for their continuing future.

  • Paul opens his prayer with thanksgiving directed to God, for the faithful church in Philippi.
  • Then Paul prays for them, that the believers’ lives would grow into the fullness and practice of both love and discernment.

 Carla’s Final Thoughts: Thank you, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, for reflecting the kind of congregation that has caused my heart to soar with joy and gratitude and with confidence and affection. Like the apostle Paul, I will continue to pray for your future. Keep your eyes on Jesus – the author and perfecter of faith – all for the glory of God and the Kingdom that is coming on earth, as it is in heaven.