When in Doubt

April 26, 2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 20:24-29
The Power of Anticipation

When in Doubt

For the next four weeks our sermon series is looking at the waiting period of the disciple’s right after the Resurrection in John 20, 21 and Acts 1. There are approximately 50 days between the Resurrection and Pentecost. Jesus told his disciples to stay and wait during this period. Often we can find ourselves in seasons of waiting or transition.

What do we do with our doubt in a waiting or transitional season?

All of us at times in our lives will face doubt. The temptation during these times is to feel guilty about our doubt or to even resist it. But the key to doubt is to walk through it.

Theme: I want to argue that in our wrestling we encounter God

There are two things we learn from Thomas about doubt in this passage.

When in doubt seek truth.

When in doubt do not walk through it alone.

Be curious, wrestle, seek and allow others to be a voice of hope in time of unknown. After Thomas doubted he sought truth and eventually uttered the words “My Lord and my God!” I am convinced no matter what circumstances you are facing, if you are willing to wrestle, you will encounter God.