Meditation Prayer

Sermon Notes
March 1, 2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 10:1-4
The Prayer Project


Generally speaking, Eastern forms of meditation are about detaching from the world by being free from stresses, burdens, and pains of this life in order to strengthen our self-identity. Christian meditation starts with detaching from the confusion around us in order to have a richer attachment to and dependence on Christ, developing a Christ identity.

Theme: Christian meditation allows for a precious space in time for a meeting between God the Lover, and we, the beloved.

How do we prepare for meditation?

What are some forms of meditation?

  1. Scripture Meditation
  2. Releasing
  3. Reflection

Practice Challenge: Meditation

Select an idea from the following list (or create your own) and implement it at least three times this week.

Select a Scripture passage to meditate on in the coming week. Write it out on a card you can carry with you, and refer to it often, using spare moments throughout your day to reflect on it.

Consecrate one day to seeking opportunities to practice “holy leisure” as a counterpoint to frantic or fragmented activity.

Identify a particular place that provides a setting of beauty, and spend 30 minutes to simply be silent and listen for what God may have to communicate to you. If you desire, take along a notebook and write down your thoughts.