Prayer of Letting Go

Sermon Notes
February 1, 2015
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 21:3-7
The Prayer Project 

The Prayer of Letting Go/The Prayer of Relinquishment 

The Webster definition of the word relinquishment is: to give up (something) such as power, control, or possession to another person.
Foster best defines the Prayer of Relinquishment with a picture. It is a picture of a person falling into the arms of Jesus.

Theme: The Prayer of Relinquishment is about letting go and trusting God. It is about surrender.

This morning we are going to have a kinesthetic sermon. When you came in this morning you were given a glass stone. I want you put the stone in your hand and close it on your lap in front of you for the rest of the sermon. Reflect during the sermon what the stone symbolizes in your life; what are you holding on too tightly?

If we are going to truly let go of the things that we hold on too tightly, we must face the truth about ourselves and face the power of Jesus, and that combination will melt our grip.

First, facing the truth about ourselves is acknowledging that we need help.

Second, as we face the truth about the power of Jesus it allows us to trust.

Only God can open hearts and empty hands. So let me ask you, what’s in your hand? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to surrender or relinquish?

Practice: Pray this Simple Prayer throughout the week.

Lord, I let go and surrender this……You fill in the blanks with whatever God puts on your heart.