Compassion and Eternity

2 Kings 2:11-12
Rev. Jim Toole
What We Believe  


Theme: When we live with a strong confidence that one day Christ will return it allows us to live with purpose and compassion.


Our life here on earth is merely to be a starting glimpse. There will be an eternal Kingdom that is beautiful beyond imagination. There will be no more pain, or tears or suffering we will dwell together with our God as it was intended to be from the beginning of creation. We will experience beauty and peace.

The historical theological view of Heaven is twofold.

One day the Trumpets will blow and Christ return will usher in a New Creation, a New Earth and A New Heaven

All who have died will rise again with Jesus.


Throughout history some church movements were so heavenly-minded that they would often neglect the environment, the poor, and injustice in this world. It is the idea that if Heaven is where we go, then we do not have to worry about the world we live in.

There is a new movement of Christians who see that indeed a new world is coming; a new beginning is starting, but it begins with the followers of Christ seeing ourselves as partners in the redemptive plan of God.

This is the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus. As we belong to the new world, the Kingdom of God, as we are children of God we live awake, active and ready with a purpose to be that light of Christ in the world.