Becoming Disciples and Making Disciples

January 4, 2015
Rev. Jennifer Wilcox Cummins

Read Matthew 2:1-12

In verse 2 we read that the Magi had heard of Jesus, the new-born King of the Jews, and they came to pay homage to Him. Why do you suppose the Chief Priests and the Scribes, who were Jewish leaders, were not also eager to go and find Him and worship Him?

When the Magi saw where the star had stopped over Bethlehem they were “overwhelmed with exceedingly great joy…”.and “upon entering the house they saw the child…and knelt down and worshiped him.” (vss. 10-11) Describe a time when you were overwhelmed by the goodness and majesty of God. How did you respond?

The Magi heard about the child who was to be born king of the Jews and thus followed “His star at its rising,” which in turn lead them to Jesus. Who or what in your life has led you to see and know Jesus? Who has been a disciple-maker in your life for you?

The Wise Men “went home a new way.” (vs. 12) We know their story of Jesus because they must have told their story, thus they became disciple-makers. Who in your life are you helping to follow Jesus? If there isn’t anyone right now, is there someone in whom you could be investing time to help them on the journey of following Jesus? What will it take for you to reach out to this person?

Take time to pray about how you might grow in your own faith and who you might ask to be on this journey with you as one who helps you grow. Pray also about who you might help to grow in the Christian faith. End with a prayer of thankfulness for this Christmas gift of our Savior Jesus and commit afresh in this new year to a life of being His disciple!