Jumping Into the River Part 4

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Jumping Into the River
Romans 12:14-21



If we choose to jump into the river and follow Christ with our whole lives, it does not guarantee the external circumstances of our lives will flourish and in many cases throughout church history Christians have faced persecution.In the book, The Good and Beautiful God, James Smith states that spiritual transformation usually occurs when we create an environment for spiritual intimacy by learning, practicing, in the context of spiritual friendships.

The early church faced hostility - culturally, financially, and even physically. But Paul challenged the early followers of Christ to be different, to stand apart from the culture of that day by expressing love even in hostile environments.

Theme: Immerse yourself in the Kingdom of God by being Kingdom people who express love to everyone. Period.

If we truly want to be a church and a people who lead people to the river so they can touch, taste and immerse themselves in the love and grace of God’s living water then they must be led by us. The way we live our lives must lead them there.

As we are transformed by God’s grace we live it out.

·   Who is God calling you to be?

·   Where in your life would you like to make a difference?