Jumping Into the River Part 1

Jumping Into the River
Romans 12:1-2
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole


So what does it really mean to be “all in,” in regard to our following Christ? What does it mean to be totally immersed in the Kingdom of God? What does it mean to have depth in our faith?


Greg Ogden in the book Discipleship Essentials describes being a disciple as a lifelong process of dying to self while allowing Jesus Christ to come alive in us.


In the book, The Good and Beautiful God, James Smith states that spiritual transformation usually occurs when we create an environment for spiritual intimacy by...


…changing our thinking by learning how to follow Jesus through a biblical worldview
“be transformed in the renewing of your mind”


…engaging in new practices and new behaviors
“present your bodies as a living sacrifice”


…participating in spiritual friendships


Questions to Ponder


Does your spiritual life in Christ give you a sense of peace?


Are you learning and growing in your faith?


Is there someone in your life other than your spouse who encourages your spiritual development?


Is your faith integrated in most aspects of your life?


Do you spend time in worship and praise every day?