The Man Who Came by Night

Sermon Notes

Rev. Carla Williams


Encountering Jesus / John 3:1-16; John 7:45-51; John 19:38-40

The Man Who Came by Night

Today we continue looking at personal encounters with Jesus from the Gospel

of John.  This series is based on the book In the Beginning There Was the Verb written by our very own Presbytery Pastor Brad Munroe.  Today our Scripture

invites us into Jesus’ conversation with a Jewish Pharisee, Nicodemus.

Nicodemus seeks out Jesus after dark and engages in an intense, uninterrupted, heart to heart conversation with Jesus.

Jesus challenges Nicodemus’ Pharisaic, rational but misinformed perspective: 

You must be born anew.

To perceive and enter into God’s reign (Kingdom) is the result of what a person receives by the Spirit, not by one’s own achievements and goodness.

To believe into Jesus is to entrust one’s whole sense of being to the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus.

To be baptized with water is to identify oneself with Jesus.

God takes the initiative and offers new life.  God acts for His own sake through His Son Jesus.  Not wanting to smash people into submission, God is the Hound of Heaven who woos each one into love for His name’s sake.  St. Augustine:  

“God loves each one of us as if there was only one of us to love.”

What new insight has God’s living VERB spoken to you today?