The Roots of Faith

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Ephesians Sermon Series/Ephesians 1:1-10

The Deep Roots of Faith 

Ephesians offers a wide view of the entire landscape of early Christian theology and reflection: It covers the subjects of God, the world, Jesus, the church, the means of salvation and even Christian behavior.


Introduction to Ephesians



What and Why:

I believe as we become deeply rooted in understanding God’s Glory, we start to merge our roots with other believers as a church and in turn this new rooted depth helps our life start to make sense.


Verses 4-6 – Chosen by Grace/Children of God


Verses 7-10 – Christ’s redemption on the Cross


God chose you before all of creation!


God loved you so much that Jesus took the projected evil of the world and drew it on himself!


You are a Child of God! You belong! No matter how many people tell you differently. 
You Belong!