Acts 17:10-12
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole

Six Traditions or Streams Rooted in Church History 


CONTEMPLATIVE Stream (Catholicism, Medieval Christianity)

HOLINESS Stream (John Wesley/ Methodist)

CHARISMATIC Stream (Pentecostal)

SOCIAL JUSTICE Stream (Mainline Denominations)

EVANGELICAL Stream (Non-Denominational Churches)

6.  INCARNATIONAL Stream (Easter Orthodox)


So why do we need the Spiritual Discipline of Study?

Theme One: By testing the claims of Christianity, we substantiate them in our heart.


Theme Two: Studying can renew our minds.

Four simple steps to the Spiritual Discipline of Study.

Repetition -

Concentration -

Comprehension -

Reflection -

Ideas for Practicing the Spiritual Discipline of Study

Choose a brief selection from a book and practice the four steps of 

repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection.

Select a passage of Scripture for a study session. In what ways do you 

approach, and experience, the Scriptures differently by making a 

conscious effort to study them, rather than by simply reading them? 

(I recommend walking through one of the Gospels)