Singing With Jesus

Psalm 22
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole

Singing with Jesus

Our series is looking at Jesus in the Old Testament and today we are going to look at Jesus in the Psalms. As kids, Jesus and many of the disciples, grew up singing the Psalms. The Psalms gave them hope and became etched on their soul. The Psalms is the songbook of Jesus.

In Psalm 22 we have this pattern where it is the words of David but there are several characteristics of the coming Messiah within it.

1.  The Messiah will be Alienated from God (Psalm 22:1-2)

2.  The Messiah will be Mocked (Psalm 22:6-8)

3.  The Messiah will Suffer Pain (Psalm 22:14-18)

4.  The Messiah will be Glorified (Psalm 22:22-27)

This morning I want to leave you with this wild idea: when you read the Psalms you are singing with Jesus. Most scholars are convinced that the Psalms give us an accurate insight into Jesus soul. I encourage all of us if we truly want to see Jesus from a different angle go inside the Psalms. Sing with Jesus, read them, mediate on them, pray them or even sing them.