The Spiritual Discipline of Simplicity
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole

Discipline of Simplicity

It is a discipline that requires us to differentiate our needs and our wants. It is the discipline not to strive for possessions, wealth and extravagance rather to live with greater dependence on God.

Materialism               Asceticism

So what did Jesus have to say about our lifestyle, money, and 


There are two reasons people cling to money. 

•    Clinging to money out of anxiety.

•    Clinging to money in order to fill the voids in our lives.


Theme: The Discipline of Simplicity or the Discipline of Trust is knowing at our core that our self-sufficiency and our stuff does not give us real security rather we need to build our lives on a dependence on God.

Ideas for Practicing Simplicity

1.   Commit the Scripture passage, Matthew 22: 37-40 and Mathew 6:25-33    to memory this week. Meditate on it, pray over it, and write down any resulting thoughts, insights, or questions in your journal reflections.

Reflect this week on what Foster identifies as the three inner attitudes of simplicity:

Receiving what we have as a gift from God;

Knowing that it is God’s business, not ours, to protect what we have;

Making our goods available to others.


3.  Monitor your attitudes and behavior regarding material possessions as you encounter them in your daily activities this week. Write down your observations in your journal reflections.