Cross Fit Challenge

Sermon Notes
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole


We don’t need to just try harder, to study God more, we need someone to really train us.  And that’s what I believe that Jesus is doing when He says, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me.” 


Theme: Don’t try to be good, be God’s. 

To those who could never measure up to the Pharisees’ high standards; to those who are wearied by always trying to be perfect, do right, or be good; to those who have collapsed under the yoke of religion, (sounds like some of us) Jesus comes along and declares, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me.”   


So what is a Spiritual Discipline?



What is the List of Disciplines?





This is not just a sermon series, we are asking you to accept a challenge. We as a church are going to challenge each other through spiritual disciplines. Here are the levels of participation.


Cross Fit Challenge

1. 1. First Challenge: Worship – come weekly to hear the messages that introduce the concept of each spiritual discipline, and then practice a new discipline each week and punch your card.


2. The Second Challenge – read each chapter before my sermon in Richard Foster’s book, The Spiritual Disciplines.


3. The Third Challenge – read each chapter of the book, Celebration of Discipline, and then weekly study with Foster and Helmer’s Journal Workbook, with a small group of new friends, a Triad, or by yourself!