Sermon Notes
March 16, 2014
Rev. Dr. Jim Toole


James as he is talking about healing alludes to forgiveness of sins. James is wise enough to know that if someone wants a new start, healing, or even transformation, it starts with the confession of sin to both God and one another.


Sin/ Hamartia - translates into missing the mark. Sin is anything that disrupts and hinders our right relationship with God. It is a state of being that separates us from our God, our creator.


Theme: When we practice confession two things happen.

The first is we are liberated from guilt. The second, we start becoming restored.




Confession is opening the windows of our lives so God and others can see us just for who we are, the good, bad and ugly.


Here are two steps of opening our window:

  • We must confront our guilt, pain and our sin.
    • We must confess our guilt, pain and our sin.


Practice - Diary of Confession - Foster

It is where you ask the question of God, “Is there anything in my life right now blocking the flow of Your power?” You listen and then you write. Nobody has to see it. You give the list over to God. The next step is to share what you have written to at least one other person.