Beyond the Surface

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
Luke 5:17-26
Recalibrate Christmas

Beyond the Surface

Our sermon series for Advent is based on the work of Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost in their book, Re-Jesus. In their opinion there is nothing more important for our church today than to recalibrate Christianity on the person, teachings and impact of Jesus.

Theme: Jesus looks beyond just our felt needs and wants to go deeper by healing our hearts.

Like the paralyzed man, we often think that if we get just a little bit of help we can save ourselves. But Jesus wants to go deeper. For the paralytic and for us we must realize the main problem in our life is our sin. According to Tim Keller, when the Bible talks about sin it is not just referring to bad things we do. It is not just lying or lust or whatever the case may be - it is ignoring God in the world that God made. Basically sin is taking God for granted.

How do we let Jesus heal our hearts?

If we want our hearts healed we need to follow him. His hand is reaching out to us. Are you going to reach back and follow?

If we are going to let Jesus heal our hearts we need to follow him.

We need to be honest about the state of our heart. We need to realize that we do indeed need a savior. This is the first step. This is how we get our toes wet.